Things to Avoid When Planning for a Baby


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What would be your reaction if you have been asked to abandon some of your favorite things for a quite long period. You will definitely shout out at once and never wish to do so. But females have to do so during the pregnancy. In order to give birth to a new baby, a woman has to abandon a lot of her activities. Some things have become your habits with the passage of time. But you have to leave some out of them during pregnancy.

Most of the couples in this world are sexually healthy and can easily succeed in conceiving a baby within one to a few tries. But some other couples are present as well whose percentage is about 15 who are not able to produce babies normally. They have to take male or female infertility treatment or even both depending upon the reasons for infertility.

However, not every time you are required to take proper treatment while planning for a baby. There are certain habits and things that can cause partial infertility. Avoiding such things and abandoning those habits can do the trick for you and you can easily get pregnant. Following are some things and habits that you should avoid while planning for a baby.


Once there was a time when smoking was only associated with males. But with changing trends of society, now you can see many women as well doing this. But this is highly injurious to health. It causes different types of lungs and respiratory disorders with the ultimate result of lung cancer which might lead you to death.

Other than these disorders, one major side effect of smoking is infertility. In women, this can lead you to early menopause decreasing the age during which you remain fertile. While in men it directly affects the sperms and makes them inactive. If you and your partner manage to avoid smoking, then its effects will be reversed within 3 to 4 months and you can experience the difference by yourself.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is a common thing in various high societies. Some people have become so addicted to alcohol and alcoholic products that they claim that they cannot live without it. Its consumption by the elite class people cannot change the fact that it is injurious to health. It is suggested that if it is necessary for you to drink alcohol then it should never increase from two drinks per day.

High alcohol consumption can lead to various disorders including failure of kidneys and lungs. It can also lead to infertility. So you should abandon its use if you want to conceive. If you manage to get pregnant, then a single drop of alcohol is dangerous for you and your baby.

Excessive Exercise

Excess of everything can lead to several diseases. No matter how good exercise is for your health, excessive exercise can lead to various problems. You can understand this by the fact that many bodybuilders spent only one hour per day in the gym. Excessive exercise does not relate to spending more time in exercise, it is also related to extreme workouts and intensity of exercise.

The possible reason that links infertility and exercise is that it can lead you to sudden weight loss and bring hormonal changes that might result in irregularities in periods.

High Mercury Fish

You cannot be denied how important salmon and fish are for you during pregnancy. The high amount of proteins and vitamins that are required by your body to assist the development of the fetus inside the womb can be provided by their meat. However, some fish species like sharks, ray fish, and swordfish are rich in mercury and should be avoided. It can alter the shape and development of sperms and also influence the erection functionality in men, leading to infertility. In women, it can affect estrogen functionality and decrease the fertility rate.


There are high chances of getting pregnant after avoiding the above-mentioned things. But if you still cannot conceive, then contact a specialist and take IUI treatment in Lahore or anywhere you live to get pregnant. Keep on avoiding these things even after getting pregnant as it is safe for you and your baby.

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