How Prepared is Your School Facility Management Software During a Lockdown?


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Facility Management Software For School

One of the biggest threats a school faces is emergencies like school shootings, earthquakes, terror alerts and fires. To date, the United States has faced 27 school shooting incidents that have resulted in unimaginable tragedy. 

Since the recent incidents, schools have conducted several studies and lockdown drills to prepare students for untoward incidents. However, keeping the facility assets and equipment streamlined also plays a critical role in maintaining the safety of students at school. 

Now, your facility might be using facility management software for maintaining and managing the school premises. However, this software is not effective in times of emergency.

Why? Let this blog discuss some pointers.

School Facility Management Software for Emergencies: How Effective is it?

Age-old schools often use building management software because it is not possible to visit data repository rooms for documentation every now and then. 

However, most facility management systems are web-based. Systems like CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) help a lot in asset maintenance, work order assignment, inventory tracking and a lot more.

But this system is specifically used by the facility managers who sit at their desks and supervise the facility teams. The facility teams on the other hand, often have to bug the manager for specific maintenance data and more. This is time-consuming and delays maintenance or even emergency repairs like pipe leaks or malfunctioning equipment. This can put a facility at risk along with the students.

Now, if one is to address incidents like a school shooting, the situation is harrowing indeed. If a masked shooter enters the school and terrorizes the students and pupils, the first responders hastily look for secure places in the school to enter and initiate a rescue. However, how will these people access the emergency plans and routes if a facility management system is web-based?

Not to mention, even if someone can access the facility management software, the person might not know how to operate the system. As time runs by, the emergency crisis can lead to multiple casualties.

So, the need of the hour is instant access to emergency data. With instant access to emergency data, first responders like police teams and medics can quickly access emergency routes and make plans to eliminate the shooter.

Question is? Is there any software that can provide instant access to building data and solve this facility management bottleneck? There is,

It is smart building software or in simple terms, a facility management app.

Facility Management App

Overview and Perks of the Facility Management App:

During emergencies like school shootings, earthquakes, terror attacks and more, access to emergency data can mean a situation of life or death. Smart building software or facility management app is the best solution as it instantly helps any facility professionals access building data swiftly with a few taps.

It takes only a few seconds for anyone to be able to access emergency plans stored on the cloud via this app. An emergency plan will provide evacuation routes, safety kits, emergency refuge rooms, contact information for emergency equipment, etc.

Facility managers, first responders, patrol teams and supervisors can easily create smart contingency plans to save the lives of the facility’s occupants with this kind of information in the event of a large-scale emergency.

How Does the Facility Management App Work?

Best facility management companies leverage data from the cloud to make it instantly available to facility professionals through the facility management app. Data is scanned from the planrooms and uploaded in a secure cloud. As soon as those with credentials access they can instantly get required data with a few swipes. 

School supervisors, facility professionals and managers benefit greatly from instant access to data because they can make smarter contingency plans for ongoing emergencies. 

To illustrate this point, let’s now look at a small-scale emergency that could be mitigated with a facility management app.

Small-Scale Emergencies:

An emergency may seem small, but if it is not handled immediately, it can become a huge catastrophe. As an example, suppose a school worker notices a leak in a pipe. The manager would have to look up the building map using the facility management software if he does not have a facility management app. Meanwhile, if the manager is not reachable, the worker needs to go to the data repository room to find the building maps. This would cause a delay in fixing the issue at hand. 

The delay may result in flooding, which could potentially damage the school’s assets and grounds. However, with a facility management app, one can quickly find the nearest shut-off valve and stop the leak. 

Once done, the manager can quickly locate a plumber, and have the issue resolved in real-time. Thus, using the app will also boost a facility’s daily productivity by countering obstacles smartly.


This blog illustrates the shortcomings of facility management software when it comes to school emergencies. However, if you pair this facility system with a facility management app, you can counter emergency safety and safeguard the lives of students. 

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