Features & Perks of Using Smart Building Software for Facility Professionals


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How many times have you grumbled in annoyance when 30+ facility technicians and engineers come to you seeking specific maintenance data? Well, it is either that or workers have to spend hours in data repository rooms to find a specific set of data for completing a work order.

Such manual work often leads to slamming down the productivity of a facility and sadly, the manager is the one to face the consequences of delays. 

The main problem with facilities management is instant access to building data. A lack of instant data slows down productivity, whether it’s an urgent maintenance call, an emergency, or a routine one. Several facility leaders have teamed up and developed smart building software to eliminate this bottleneck. Today’s blog will provide insight into this smart building technology and discuss the multiple perks of using this software alongside other facility systems, such as CMMS, BMS, etc. 

Introducing the Revolutionary Smart Building Software

Instant access to facility data is facility possible with the introduction of smart building technology. Powered by artificial intelligence, contextual search, and machine learning, it further flaunts a mobile-friendly interface.  

Using this app, facility professionals can access building data instantly and in real-time globally.

Now, the biggest perk of professionals using this app is the option to carry a portable plan room in their pocket. 

A secure cloud is used by facilities management companies to store scanned data. The app then provides access to facility data anywhere and at any hour. 

Professionals can now easily access any facility data they need through this smart building app. Facility workers can henceforth save time by not having to spend extra time searching through plan rooms for data.

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Top Features of Smart Building Software

  • Intuitive and Smart

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, the smart building app doubles up as document maintenance software. Whether it is a particular compliance paper you need, or you need to check the dates on when the HVAC was last checked, you can get it all with just a few swipes from your mobile without any toil involved.

  • Easy to Use

Unlike the CMMS which is a little complex for regular facility professionals, smart building technology is designed with simple usage in mind. Anyone can open the smart building app to find particular data that was previously stored in a plan room within seconds. For example, you need to locate the shut-off valve at your facility to stop a leak. Using this app, within moments a few swipes will show you the location in real-time.

  • Compatible with Existing Facility Management Software

Many large facilities invest in mammoth software like CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) for automating asset management, planning preventive maintenance, or handling out work orders.

Yet, this CMMS is not of much help during sudden asset malfunctions, facility emergencies, or more. Additionally, the CMMS is complex, so regular technicians cannot sit and get the data they want on the go.

To eliminate this shortcoming of CMMS, it is best to invest in smart building software. This tool provides instant access to any facility data and is a great pair to a web-based FM system. While the CMMS furnishes and aids in management.

The facility management app accelerates work order completion and boosts the overall productivity of a facility.

Smart Building technology

Perks of Investing in Smart Building Technology with Examples

  • Quick Action During Facility Emergency

An immediate evacuation is necessary in the case of a fire or another crisis in a facility. At such times, the web-based facility management software becomes inaccessible due to terror and chaos. With the help of a mobile-friendly facility management app or smart building software, you can easily access evacuation routes, emergency equipment, or refuge rooms during an immediate crisis.

  • Easy Asset Maintenance 

It is not easy to manage and maintain assets. Facility management apps allow users to access data about assets, such as maintenance and operation manuals and contractor information, in seconds. Consequently, workers can communicate with technicians in real time in case of a malfunctioning HVAC or elevator system.

Consequently, all problems are quickly resolved, facilitating faster asset maintenance.

  • Accelerates Work Orders

Building plans can be accessed on the go to make work orders more efficient. A new worker won’t have to spend hours searching for a map showing the location of the shut-off valve in the data repository room if he is hired to fix a leaky pipe.

Thanks to the smart building app for facility professionals, facility professionals can access building data on the go and complete work orders quickly.

  • Access any data swiftly for Compliance

Consider a scenario, 

 A compliance auditor is due to arrive in your hospital in an hour and you were notified later than expected. Yet, with smart building technology, you or the technicians do not need to sit inside a repository room to find the compliance documents you need for hours. Through the smart building management app, you can quickly find the needed documents by clicking the compliance module on your app.

Parting Notes

As the blog comes to an end, it is now clear how beneficial and effective the smart building software is in terms of boosting facility productivity. From emergency to compliance and more, this software can solve all facility management challenges by instantly leveraging data instantly in real time. If you wish to learn more about this intuitive software, do check out companies like ARC Facilities for deeper insight.

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