Introducing Next Generation Facility Management Solution for Building Professionals


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How many times have you grumbled in annoyance when 30+ facility technicians and engineers come to you seeking specific maintenance data? Honestly, people expect managers to sit on their facility software all day long for information. 

The alternative would be for workers to spend hours digging through data repositories for a specific set of information to complete a work order.

It is sadly the manager who often pays the price for such delayed manual work, as it slams down a facility’s productivity. 

Building data cannot be accessed instantly, which is the main problem with facilities management. In an emergency situation, a maintenance call, or even a routine one, the lack of instant data slows down productivity. To overcome this barrier,  number of facility leaders have collaborated to develop smart building software, which is the next-gen facility management solution for building professionals.

An Insight into Smart Facility Management Solution

Smart building software or facility management app provides instant access to facility data. With AI, machine learning, and contextual search, the interface is also mobile-friendly.  

Building data can be accessed instantly in real time by facility professionals using this app.

Access to a portable plan room is the biggest advantage of using this app for professionals. 

In facilities management, companies visit data repository rooms and scan data. This scanned data is stored in a secure cloud. With the app, facility data is accessible anywhere and anytime. 

Smart building apps now make it easy for professionals to access facility data. Data is no longer needed to be searched through plan rooms by facility workers and this saves time.

Top Features of Smart Building Software

1. Smart and Instant 

Smart building apps double as document management software thanks to Artificial Intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you need a specific compliance document, or just want to check the HVAC’s last inspection date, all you need to do is swipe your mobile device to get it done without any hassle.

2. Compatible with any Facility Management Software 

To automate asset management, schedule preventive maintenance, or handle work orders, age-old facilities use enormous software such as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software).

However, it is not helpful when assets malfunction abruptly, when there is an emergency at the facility, etc. As a result, regular technicians cannot access data on the go with the CMMS because it is a complex system.

By investing in smart building software, we can eliminate this shortcoming of CMMS. As a complement to a web-based facility management system, this tool provides instant access to any facility data. A CMMS provides management assistance and furnishes information.

By using the facility management app, facilities teams can complete work orders faster and become more productive.

3. Ease of Use

Smart building technology is designed to be easy to use, unlike CMMS, which is a little complex for regular facility managers. Using the smart building app, anyone can access previous plan room data in seconds.

For instance, let’s say you require to locate the shut-off valve in a facility to stop a pipe leak. Using the app directly from respective mobile phones, any facility professional can access the location of the shut-off valves with a few taps.

Parting Words

The next-generation facility management solution is mobile, swift, fast and intuitive. Using this app, anyone can solve major facility bottlenecks with ease. From maintenance to emergency, compliance and more, get it all streamlined with the facility management app.

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