10 Spotify Features Making It The Best Music Streaming App


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If you are a die-hard music enthusiast, then Spotify is an app just for you. In fact, this music streaming app on iOS and Android has emerged as one of the most popular options in this space, considering the huge number of active users it has across the globe. Introduced in 2008, the streaming service has come a long way, beginning as a small startup and becoming the world’s leader for online music. While it has been competing with the biggies like Pandora, Apple Music, and Tidal, Spotify has still retained its position on the top.

Today, Spotify is available in 58 markets across the globe. According to App Annie, it tops the download charts in 9 of the 15 largest music markets. Now the question is what makes the app stand apart and gives it such a dominant presence in the global music streaming industry. Well, Spotify is armed with some amazing features that make it a winner. Let’s know more about these features.

1. Amazing variety for music lovers

If you are looking for variety, downloading Spotify is the best thing to do. With a library of millions of songs along with an equally incredible number of playlists, the app promises to have something for everyone. What more, it enables the users to access video content and podcasts to deliver the most amazing music streaming experiences.

2. Song preview with long press

The Touch Preview feature enables the user to enhance the browsing experience by providing a snippet of a song without having to abandon the song that is playing currently. All that is to be done is to long press on the track that is to be reviewed and a snippet will play after cutting the song playing. The current song will resume by lifting the finger off the previewed track. This feature, however, is available only for the iOS version of Spotify.

3. View Album/Artist info

Another feature that takes Spotify to the top is that it gives access to the album and artist information to the user. For instance, if a user wants to hear more from a particular album or artist, he can directly jump to the songs instead of having to search. The View Album or View Artist features in the Now Playing panel render comprehensive information related to the album or artist respectively.

4. Save Discover Weekly playlists

Perhaps, one of the most exciting offerings of Spotify is the Discover Weekly playlist, which delivers 30 song recommendations for the user every Monday. Sadly though, the previous list disappears as the new one comes. The app provides an IFTTT applet which automatically saves the  Discover Weekly playlists by creating and maintaining an archive for it.

5. Running mode

If you are a music lover and a fitness freak as well, Spotify has another wonderful feature for you. The app comes with a Running mode to play music that is the relevant match for the user’s running speed. On changing the running pace, the music will be adjusted automatically. Alternatively, the user can also set the tempo manually to control the running pace with music.

6. Collaborative playlists

With Spotify, the user can collaborate on playlists with friends, enabling them to add, delete and reorder tracks on the collaborative playlists. Additionally, they can put together group playlists in group chats on Facebook Messenger. The social sharing capabilities of the app take the user experience to the next level.

7. Personalized experiences via data discovery

Spotify renders personalized experiences for the users by leverage data to analyze their listening habits and providing customized playlists and recommendations based on the analysis. Music suggestions are based on the artists and genres that the user generally searches and listens to.

8. Recovery of deleted playlists

Having deleted a playlist on Shopify does not mean that it is lost forever because the app comes with a recovery feature as well. Getting back a deleted playlist requires the  user to turn to Spotify’s web client, sign into the account, and then click Recover Playlists to avail the restore option.

9. Find concerts

One of the most happening features of the app is that it enables music lovers to find concerts that are scheduled to take place near their physical location. Moreover, the app can hand-pick the concerts that match the user’s interest and preferences. What more, concert tickets can also be purchased on the app!

10. Connect with Shazam

Spotify can be connected with Shazam, which is a much-appreciated music discovery app. Together, they can be used for identifying new music, finding, and playing it. Once a track has been recognized by Shazam, it can be played io Spotify by simply tapping the Play in Spotify option.


Seeing the incredible features that Spotify has, it becomes easy to understand the reason that it is garnering such immense popularity on a global scale. At the same time, it is focused on coming with updates that promise to take the user experience a notch higher.

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