What Type of Hoodie is Best for Men?


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Hoodies, the humble attire emerged as a style statement during the 1970s, and now they are universal. They make sense for being ubiquitous because hoodies are comfortable and warm, and you can dress up or down as you wish. If you are looking into the topic ‘what type of hoodie is best for men’, check the varieties designed especially for men and see which one suits you the best.  

1. Classic all-rounder pull-over hoodie

Go for a relaxed fit as it comes with a hood and drawstrings. Wear it by just pulling the hoodie over your head. Very thick fleece makes the fabric thicker than a normal hoodie and offers you increased warmth. Cinched cuff and kangaroo pockets enhance the comfort and functionality. This classic category boasts a versatile nature, and this is why it is the all-time favorite of men. It blends all the qualities of various types of hoodies into one, and that is the reason why it is called an ‘all-rounder’. This type of hoodie is a perfect choice if you are heading out for an immediate trip or hanging around at home. Discover a wide range of classic all-rounder hoodies at https://biggmans.com/.

2. Versatile Zip-up hoodies

These are deceptively basic-looking hoodies, boasting superb quality and perfect fit. It provides anything you want from a hoodie – warmth, a cozy feel, and a great look in a simple leather jacket. Biggmans is known for zip-up cotton hoodies that ensure high durability and great warmth. The easy on-and-off zipper makes it perfect for layering. Choose this type of hoodie for quick errands, light jogging, or for a casual get-together with friends. Zip-up hoodies balance your comfort and style and flawlessly blend easiness with style. 

3. Plus size hoodies 

It has taken streetwear fashion to another level! These hoodies are specifically made to meet the plus-size men’s requirements. However, if you have to look in a size larger than you are, then choose plus-size hoodies for men. With drop shoulders and a roomier fit, and if paired with denim, these hoodies offer you a cozy and off-duty look! It goes well with your joggers. You can wear this type of hoodie to lounge around at your place feeling relaxed. Visit https://biggmans.com/collections/plus-size-hoodies to discover the latest collections. 

4. Ultimate graphic hoodies

These are the latest and immediate style statements that come with striking prints. Works of renowned artists are printed all over the hoodies and use 100% cotton material. This type of hoodie is the perfect choice for men who want to be the center of attraction and a showstopper at parties and shows.  

5. Versatile dress hoodies

It is just what it sounds like. You may find difficulty in choosing the best hoodies, especially when there is a party, social event, or even to wear in the workplace. This is where dress hoodies come to your rescue! They can make you look stylish without much dress and decoration. These are available in various textures, colors, and designs to match your vibe. With minimalistic design and style, dress hoodies attract everyone’s attention. You can go for it if it is a ‘not so cold, not so warm’ climate. 

6. Performance hoodies

These hoodies fall under ‘workout hoodies or athletic hoodies. Body temperature is perfectly maintained as the design helps sweat to release and evaporate. Performance hoodies serve your needs for specific environments, sports, and landscapes. Explore the variety collection of workout hoodies and hit the gym in style. Made from lightweight polyester, performance hoodies don’t make you feel too bulky inside. This type of hoodie is a perfect choice for those types of men leading active lifestyles. With thermal insulation, moisture-absorbing fabrics, and breathable materials, performance hoodies are the ideal choice for the gym, sports, or outdoor adventures. 

7. Heavyweight hoodie

These are great ‘warm-up’ hoodies that are worth your investment. It comes with the unique advantage of being reversible! You can turn the inside out and wear the fleece. Two hoodies at one price!

8. Stylish Slim-fit hoodies

If you are a fashionista, slim-fit hoodies will be your prime choice. With streamlined and nicely customized silhouettes, slim-fit hoodies help you quickly transform from a casual appearance to a more stylish look. Biggmans has embraced this trend and offers distinctive slim-fit hoodies that cater to your modern tastes. 

How to style hoodies and get a fashionable look

Hoodies are versatile. A performance hoodie best meets your gym requirements, a Merino or cashmere-type suit to wear inside the jacket, and a trendy lightweight jersey-lopped hoodie can help you show off your abs. Styling a hoodie in the winter season is simple as you have to layer it inside your jacket or coat. You will look cool outside while being warm inside! Style hoodies in many unique ways; however, they look great with straight-leg trousers and slip-on sneakers. 


Keep in mind these primary elements when you go to shop for the best type of hoodie that suits your tastes and specifications. Distinctive options and choices are available, serving your look for any occasion. Hoodies are a must-have fashion today, and almost all men have at least one in their closet. Best quality hoodies are worth your money if it has all the requirements, such as a wide hood, warm fabric, and long sleeves. You should feel the warmth of the cloth when you wear your favorite hoodie. Choose from the distinctive range of hoodies that boast excellent quality and look. 

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