Four best Indo-western dresses that are perfect fusion of western and ethnic style


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In a dilemma about whether to wear an Indian or a western dress to a party? Why not wear Indo western clothing? An Indo Western dress is a dress which is an amalgamation of the Indian style and the western style. Thus, you can make the best of both worlds. Indo western dresses have become very popular, and you can create an alluring ensemble by mixing both!

Following are the best four Indo Western Dresses which are a perfect fusion of western and ethnic styles-

  1. Georgette Kurta

If you wish to ace an occasion with a new punch, then a Georgette Kurta is a must! A maxi Georgette kurta is an effortless pick adorned with intricate embroidery on the layers. The twist to the outfit comes as it has an attached jacket and a sequined yoke which adds a glam quotient to your look. This Kurta looks very pretty and has a perfect flowing look from its hemline. This one will tick all your checkboxes out of all the Indo western dresses! A Georgette kurta is adorned with gorgeous prints such as paisley and floral. It looks elegant on any woman who wears it.

  1. Synthetic A-line Medi dress.

A piece of synthetic fabric is trendy, dries up quickly and is easy to maintain. This synthetic A-line Medi dress has a floral print and a one-side slit. For flexibility and mobility, the dress has a slit below the knees. The one-sided dupatta gives the dress a contemporary look. This pleated dupatta is draped from the waistline. The best part about this synthetic A-line midi dress is its corded waist belt.

  1. Ethnic Motifs wrap dress.

We know that different cuts will come and go; however, for any style to stand out, it should constantly be in trend. One such exception is a timeless wrap dress. A wrap dress is the type of dress which accentuates your figure and looks bold. It is a sophisticated style which has been passed on for decades. It hugs your body and has a V-neck. It also has a sash which is tied around the waist. When it comes to Indo Western dresses, we strive to reach for perfection. An ethnic Motifs wrap dress has a tulip hemline. It also has a motif design which is collared around the neck. The three-quarter sleeves of this dress give the dress a western look. This dress is made using muslin fabric as it is softer and lighter on the skin. 

  1. Crepe Gold print Kurta.

If you want to wear something elegant that will completely swoon everyone away, you should go for a crepe gold print kurta! This masterpiece has a beautiful and impeccable blend of crepe and organza fabric. Light hues of blue and orange make for a beautiful stark contrast! This Kurta is the perfect blend of Western and Indian. It also has a one-sided pleated floral dupatta. This dupatta stems from the waistline and gives the dress an elevated look. It also has parallel lines of gold, giving it an exuberant look!

Thus, you can choose from several Indo Western dresses on the websites!

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