5 Ways to Celebrate Friendship


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Friendships are an integral part of a person’s life. What’s great about friendships is how much they can leave an imprint on you for the better. Some friendships can expose you to new and exciting experiences, and others can bring a sense of comfort and ease. Ultimately, they are the people in your life who have influenced you to be the person that you are today – which is worth celebrating! If you’re planning to celebrate with a bestie or more, here are five ways you can celebrate your friendship!

Go Out to Celebrate

A good-go-to plan to celebrate your friendship is to go out to celebrate! This particular suggestion is rather vague for a reason. All friendships are unique. What might be fun for others might be boring for some – it’s all rather subjective. Yet, a good rule of thumb is to go out for a meal together. Possibly your favorite restaurant that lets you unleash your inner foodie together. However, your best bet is to go out to a place that speaks to your shared interests. Do you both enjoy art? Then head on out to an art gallery to discuss it endlessly with your friend over it. At the end of the day, wherever you end up going should be a lot of fun when you have a friend at your side!

Send a Care Package

Have long-distance friends? It can be hard to celebrate when you’re unable to do so in person. However, you can still show how much you appreciate your friendship despite the distance. A good idea would be to send your friend a care package! The idea would be to fill it to the brim with goodies and items that you know your buddy would love. Thankfully, various gift basket delivery services can ensure your friend receives it and help take the stress off you to handpick everything. No matter what route you go with, it still shows you put effort into personalizing a bunch of goodies into one place for your friend. It exemplifies a lot of care and thoughtfulness that your friend will undoubtedly appreciate!

Take a Trip Somewhere

There is nothing more fun than going on a trip – especially with a good friend! They say that ‘happiness is the sweetest when shared’. A trip on your own wouldn’t be the same as a trip with a friend. Comparatively, you can bet that going on a trip together would be a more enjoyable experience with a friend. It makes for a great way for you and your friend to decompress and finally go to that place you have wanted to go to for ages. Celebrating your friendship is the perfect reason to take the plunge and plan a trip together finally. You and your friend will be able to do various fun activities, explore, and try new things together, but you will also be making new memories together!

 Hang Out like Usual

If you and your friend aren’t big on huge celebrations, just do what you normally do when you spend time together. Whether that be playing sports together, having a movie marathon, or playing video games – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s what you typically do with one another. Yet, if you want to celebrate your friendship in a small way, you can always mention to your good friend how much they mean to you. Just letting them know how much their friendship has meant to you will probably warm their heart. Even something as simple as the two of you posting a picture of each other on social media is another great way to celebrate your friendship with one another and with others.

Start a New Tradition

Friends are always exposing you to new things. It’s even better when you create an enjoyable tradition together. By having an agreed-upon tradition, you and your friend can uniquely celebrate your friendship for years to come. If you’re thinking of a big group of friends, a good tradition is having a time scheduled for a potluck feast. It’s fun, and it’s something that all friends can look forward to attending. Depending on your friend and you, you both make the rules for finding a tradition that you would like to happen. Whether it be something punk-rock like getting tattoos together to something more simplistic like marathoning horror movies for all of October, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a tradition you both enjoy upholding.

Friendships are incredibly meaningful relationships we make in our lives. They are relationships worth celebrating. Hopefully, these ways of celebrating will be fun and meaningful for you and the besties in your life!

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