Best Tips & Ways To Dry Clean Your Clothes Easily at Home


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Nothing is worse than discovering that an item of clothing is only suitable for dry-cleaning. It takes a lot of work and money to get wool, cashmere, or silk items looking and feeling good again. Doesn’t it? The experts say it’s possible to clean most garments marked as dry-clean only at home.

In the same way, you may wash dry-clean-only clothing at home. It might not seem very easy, but it is, in fact, quite simple. Dry cleaning does not only cost a pretty penny, but it also has a significant drawback: the harsh chemicals used in the process are incredibly harmful to the environment.

Let’s identify the items that can be dry cleaned at home, clean them using a kit, and finish the job to make your clothes look professionally dry cleaned.

Do I Really Need to Dry Clean?

Dry cleaning protects fabrics from being burned or damaged by traditional washers and dryers and removes stains that are impossible to remove by wet cleanings, like grease and oil. The use of heat and water during cleaning can alter the structure of delicate fabrics. You can avail yourself services of laundromats long island for Dry Clean. 

How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home?

Avoid spending so much money on availing of the service of a professional dry cleaner. I’ll share the method to dry clean your clothes at home. Let’s find out the different steps involved in the process!

Things that are Required!

  • Dryer
  • Dry Cleaning Kit = Dry Cleaning Bag + Dry cleaning sheet
  • Stain Remover

1. Read the Care Instructions

Read the Care Instructions

The first step is to check the clothing item’s tag. You should be able to clean wool, rayon, and silk clothing yourself since they are typically marked “dry clean only.”

  • Dry cleaning is an excellent option for clothing that can technically be machine washed but that you would prefer to treat gently. Dry cleaning will prolong the life and appearance of fragile items. When dry cleaning delicate linens and pieces of cotton, consider delicate embroidery or other decoration on your dress.
  • It is not recommended to dry clean leather, suede, and fur clothes at home. Professional cleaners are better suited to cleaning these items because they require unique methods.

2. Examine How Dirty It is?

Examine How Dirty It is

You should examine the soiled items for the amount of dirt they contain. If the soiled items are light, you can clean them at home with dry cleaning. A stain or two shouldn’t be a problem, but if the item is covered in mud or another liquid, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaner.

3. Remove the Stains

Remove the Stains

Prepare your clothing for dry cleaning by treating stains with a stain remover. Stain remover usually comes packaged in small bottles or pens with dry cleaning kits. A stain remover provider is included in the dry cleaning kit’s instructions. 

4. Place the Item inside the Dry Cleaning Ba

Each kit includes a bag that holds three or four pieces of clothing. Be aware of how much weight and bulk the items have when you load the bag. To prevent the possibility that dye will spill onto an article of clothing, make sure the colors are similar. 

To rotate the items inside the bag, they need enough space to move. For example, it may not be possible for you to add three additional items to a throw.

5. Place the Dry Cleaning Sheet in the Bag

Place the Dry Cleaning Sheet in the Bag

Put the dry cleaning sheet inside the bag after it is completely unfolded. Now, close the bag zip. There is a small amount of water in dry cleaning sheets, as well as an emulsifier to keep them dispersed, and a fragrance to restore the smell of the clothes. The dryer will produce steam, scent, and straighten your clothes during the drying process. Some People Also Ask how long does an allergic reaction to laundry detergent last,you can read here.

6. Put the Bag into the Dryer

Put the Bag into the Dryer

Run the dryer for 30 minutes on medium heat to clean the lint filter. Avoid using the automatic setting; always use the timed location. For dryers without medium settings, you can use lower heat. 

Pull the clothes out of the dryer as soon as the timer goes off. Put them on hangers and let them fall out of the wrinkles. If you’re satisfied with the clothes, you can hang them in the closet or wear them immediately. 

7. Add a Professional Touch

Add a Professional Touch

After dry cleaning your clothes, you can store your clothes by adding a professional touch. Have a look at the following steps!

  1. Before dry-cleaning, you might discover that the stain remover didn’t quite work. Re-apply the remover if you can still see traces of a stain.
  2. When they come back from professionals, the clothing won’t feel stiff or pressed as it does from a dry cleaner. For the starched look, professionals use chemicals, but running an iron over the clothes works just as well at home.
  3. You should adjust the heat level of the iron according to the article you’re ironing. Use steam sparingly and avoid splashing water on the item.
  4. The cost of a clothing steamer can be high, but if you own a lot of delicate items, it might be worth your while to purchase one. Instead of directly heating an iron, they use steam to remove wrinkles.

Ensure there is enough space for air to circulate on your hangers, and keep them in a special place in your closet. You will have fewer dry cleaning sessions, and your clothes will stay fresh longer.

How Do You Dry Clean at Home Without A Kit?

Suppose you don’t have a dry cleaning kit, no need to worry. Take a closer look at the following steps! Here, I’ll show you how to dry clean your clothes without a kit.

  • Use a mesh bag to store your soiled clothing. 
  • Washing machines can either be equipped with a detergent dispenser or be able to use laundry soap directly in the drum.
  • Your clothes will agitate for less time overall when you use the express cycle of your washing machine. 
  • Let your clothes air dry or lay them flat to dry.

3 Additional Dry Cleaning Tips & Tricks From the Professionals

Dry cleaning is an excellent option for saving time and ensuring you get a proper cleaning. It won’t mix colors, pull threads, or damage delicate items. Additionally, it’s essential to learn how to dry clean your clothes at home to keep them in excellent condition.

#1. Use Breathable Garments Bag

Use a breathable bag for storing garments at home that can protect your clothes from soil, dirt, and insects. However, clothes stored in bags with little oxygen may develop mold. Your garments can also create a strange odor that may be challenging to eliminate. To prevent a bad smell, always use a breathable bag to store the clothes. 

#2. Try to Understand That Not All Stains Vanish With the Same Stain Remover

Ink, mud, and red wine are the three most common stains on the clothes that we usually see. It’s important to know that not all stains can be removed using the same product. Various chemicals and processes are needed for each color. For stains, it is best to have professionals handle them. Removing stains with products like baking soda, water, and vinegar may be more challenging.

#3. Leather & Suede Can’t be Cleaned in the Same Way as other Fabrics

Suede and leather have a different texture from most fabrics, which requires special procedures and additives. These methods help preserve the color and texture of suede and leather products.

Does Dry Cleaning Get rid of the smell?

Dry cleaning is usually sufficient to eliminate smells from dry-cleaned garments. The problem is that dry cleaning may not eliminate all odors or can result in an unpleasant change of scent. There are Dry cleaning services providers in all areas and you can search laundry services near me for more precise results.

Sum Up

Save money and try dry cleaning your garments at home. Professional dry-cleaning can get expensive, especially if you have many items that need special attention. I mentioned the above methods to dry clean your clothes that are too easy and cost-efficient.

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