7 Ultimate Poses for Yoga That Helps your Digestion


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Constipation, indigestion, cramping, and bloating- these are conditions we experience from time to time. And of course, we take different medicines to deal with them. But do medicines work?

They do work, but the healing procedure can get better when the intake of medicines is accompanied by a few result-oriented yoga poses. Some yoga asanas offer several postures that can be of good help in cleansing, stimulating, encouraging, and aiding gut health.

The sequence of yoga poses below should be practiced as they do not just help in improving digestion but even restore energy.

Pranayam or Breath Work

This pose lies right at the core of yoga. Practicing yoga in the right way is all about having control over your breathing. This asana involves taking deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Practicing breathing regularly increases oxygen flow, which further offers the energy and resources needed for healthy digestion.

Pranayam or Breath Work

Seated Cat-Cow

Perfect for spine health, this is a two pose yoga sequence that stretches and contracts the abdominals. It involves sitting in a position where the hips are right above the knees. This pose helps in loosening things up in the belly and in getting them to the final destination.

Inhaling while moving the belly forward and the shoulders back is an integral part of this yoga asana.

Seated Cat-Cow

Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend

This yoga pose helps in relieving constipation and gas. It even massages the organs gently and helps in reducing abdominal fat. To practice this pose, you simply need to sit down with the legs extended in front and the hands by your side.

The spine should be straight, and you need to lift your arms while inhaling. Next, extend the back and try bending forward from the hips. The pose offers several benefits, apart from improving the digestion of an individual.

Seated Forward Bend Yoga

Forward Fold

The forward fold poses boost circulation and improves the flow of blood to the digestive organs. This pose is also great at promoting peace of mind and relaxation. Practicing this posture on a regular basis helps the different parts of the body in releasing tension. This includes the stomach!

Forward Fold Yoga

Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

Experts believe that practicing this pose consistently can enable the practitioners to eat almost anything without worrying about digestion. While you get into this posture, your entire weight is on the digestive system of your body.

This cuts off the supply of blood to the system for some time. Next, when you release the posture, plenty of oxygen-rich and fresh blood flows to the digestive organs, improvising their function on the whole.

Peacock Pose Aasan

Goddess Pose

Taking a stance with the heels in and the toes out, you will have to bend your knees and sink the hips down. When accompanied by the digestit colon cleanse treatment, this pose works wonders for people suffering from indigestion.

Goddess Pose Yoga

Pavanamuktasana or Wind-Relieving Pose

This yoga pose, which involves wrapping up the arms around the knees and touching the knees with the nose, expels gas from the stomach and improves digestion. It even strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Wind-Relieving Pose Yoga

So, the next time you feel uneasy or bloated or even before feeling so, practice the yoga

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