Why Choose Bespoke Picture Frames?


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If you head to any of the plethoras of lifestyle shops in your area, you’ll quickly be able to find a variety of ready-made picture frames. There may be a wide range of sizes, designs and colours you could choose from that come in different price ranges. You can easily find some ultra-cheap or exclusively expensive ones as well, depending on the store you go to and the designer you choose to buy from. 

Why then are Bespoke Picture Frames a Better Choice?

Here are some of the many advantages of choosing to go the bespoke route: 

  • Endless Options

Even with the plethora of choices that stores offer, it can be quite hard for one to narrow down the kind of frame that you want. Initially, when you have a design in mind, there’s a rough but clear idea of exactly what you envision as a home renter or owner. 

This can get even more specific if you are trying to create a gallery wall or interior decorate your main wall in the office area. Translating that vision can be hard if you go through plenty of stores and still can’t narrow down what you want to buy. In such circumstances, remember that with bespoke picture frames, you can have endless options. Yes, it comes down to endless versus plenty. 

  • Expert Opinion

Lifestyle stores employ staff on the basis of their selling skills. It has nothing to do with subject matter expertise. Worse comes to worst, you’ll be gullibly convinced by the salesman into buying something you don’t need and doesn’t fit your home’s or office’s need. 

On the other hand, right when you enter a bespoke picture frame shop, you are entering a world of experienced experts who have your interests at heart. 

They can listen to you and what you envision, take the time to look at pictures of your home space and go through with the details you gather about the space you intend to frame. After which they will lend you their expert Opinion and help you choose the right kind of frame to make the biggest impact that you intend to create. Also, their experience in the business reaffirms the kind of expertise they bring to your specific needs. 

  • Class Workmanship 

Fine art results from classy and quality workmanship. A quality bespoke picture frame requires, not just the experience and expertise, but also, the right materials and technique for framing. It takes into consideration the wood type used for the frame, the right glass for the frame – Uv resistant or normal acrylic or glass frames. Having the right kind of mounting is also key; it can help keep your frames pinned to the wall without being flimsy. Mounting is a huge issue when it comes to ready-made store-bought frames. They tend to fall off the walls quickly. 

Custom Framing in London

These are the three factors that make it advantageous for you to choose the route of bespoke picture frames above ready-made store-bought frames.

However, if you belong to London and are residing in and around London, then it is quite easy for you to avail bespoke framing in London. These custom framing options are going to make your homes look exquisite and your walls cohesively pretty to look at, and completely put together.

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