Top 7 Apps To Add Google Reviews To Shopify Website


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Your wait ends if you are looking for a blog that offers you a list of the best apps to add Google reviews to your Shopify website. 

Google reviews have the potential to make or break your brand’s performance. However, positive google reviews can tremendously help you build your brand’s social proof and motivate your users to purchase products from your brand. 

Being one of the most highly leveraged platforms, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is used by brands to create an online store to sell their products. 

The platform is a favorite amongst brands due to its seamless integration and user-friendly features. Moreover, the platform has various pricing options tailored to your needs and requirements and every option is quite affordable. 

Since users utilize Shopify on a large scale, adding Google reviews on the Shopify website can help users make better shopping decisions and as a result, it would increase the conversions and sales of the business with Google review Shopify App

Best Apps For Adding Google Reviews On Shopify 

1. Tagembed Shopify App 

Topping the list is the Tagembed Shopify App from Tagembed, the Best User-Generated Content and social media aggregation platform that enables users to collect, curate, and share the content on the website.

The app allows the users to display a variety of content from over 15+ social media platforms including Google reviews. 

The platform offers various features to the users. Users can customize the Google reviews widget as per the overall look and feel of the store. They can select from a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, colors, and other branding options. 

The advanced moderation panel of the platform allows users to moderate the content before publishing it on the website. Using the profanity filter, users can filter out any unwanted or objectionable reviews that may tarnish the reputation of the brand. 

The advanced analytics feature offered by the platform lets the users analyze the performance of the widget. Using this feature, the users can get an insight into the total impressions, the total number of clicks, behavioral analysis, and various other crucial metrics. 

Moreover, if the users come across any issue while using the platform, the active back support of the platform assists the users till the issue is resolved. 

Automatic updates are another feature of the platform that stands out. Users do not have to update the widget every time since the platform does it automatically. 

2. Google Reviews By Elfsight 

Another app to seamlessly integrate your Google reviews on your website is Google reviews by Elfsight. This plugin enables you to display the reviews with the name and bio of the reviewer. The platform offers various templates and layout options to the users for enhancing and improving the look of the widget. 

The users also have the option to edit and adjust the height and width of the widget at their convenience. 

3. Reputon Google Reviews Widget By Reputon 

If you are looking for an app to improve your brand’s reputation, social proof, and to gain the trust of your customers then this app is for you. 

This plugin seamlessly collects content from all major platforms including Google reviews. 

4. Google Reviews & Rating Bridge From Setu Bridge 

This app enables the users to collect reviews from the Google reviews platform in the form of a rating badge. 

Badges instantly enhance the look of the website and garner more attention from the website visitors. 

This results in a better shopping experience for the customers which further increases their interest in your brand and its products. 

5. Google Customer Reviews By Simprosys Infomedia 

Slightly different from the other apps mentioned above, this app displays a survey opt-in form to the users once they complete the purchase.

Using the form they can leave their reviews and experiences in the form which is later on displayed on Google. 

6. Easy Google Customer Reviews By Union Works Apps 

Similar to the previous app, Easy Google Customer Reviews is an app that shares similar functionality to Google Customer Reviews. Once the customer completes the purchase on the website, they see a pop-up asking for their email Id and if they would be interested in receiving a mail from Google to ask for feedback from them to track their customer experience. 

The reviews are later on displayed on the Shopify store. 

7. Google Customer Reviews, Badge By AdNabu 

The last app of the blog is the Google Customer Reviews, Badge by AdNabu. This app is extremely responsive. 

The app is easy to use and set up. All you need to do is enter your Google merchant account ID after installing it. 

You will be able to see the survey opt-in on the Order status page. Once the customer completes the process, the rest will be automatic and done by Google itself. 

Benefits Of Displaying Google Reviews Widget On Shopify 

1. Display A Social Proof 

The first-time visitors on your website mostly feel apprehensive about purchasing your products since they are not well acquainted with your brand. Hence, it becomes mandatory for brands to present the potential customers with solid social proof. 

It is a known fact that customers always tend to trust other customers more than the content displayed by the brand itself. 

Moreover, users always prefer going through reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. In fact, more than 90% of consumers go through reviews before purchasing a product. 

2. Increase The Dwell Time Of Customers 

By displaying the Google reviews widget on your website, you give your website an attractive look. Your website visitors will take a keen interest in going through your website. Hence, when they explore your website more, it would increase their dwell time on your website and a decrease in your website’s bounce rate. 

3. More Conversions & Sales 

All the aforementioned benefits along with an increase in the engagement level of your website visitors would ultimately urge your visitors to try out your brand and its products. 

This would gradually skyrocket your sales and revenues. 

Closing Note 

We have finally reached the end of the blog and we are positive that you must be thoroughly convinced to embed a Google review widget on your website to enjoy the benefits of this amazing strategy. 

Now that you are well familiar with the best apps to do the needful along with its spectacular benefits, what are you waiting for? Get going and display the voice of your customers & take your brands to new heights! 

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