Top 4 POS Software for Spas and Salons

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As more and more people tend to look attractive & smart for the opposite sex, salons and spa business owners see a giant leap in their business. These two institutions are regularly visited by people of very different ages every day, which makes it difficult for salon & business owners to handle the growing pressure of numerous customers.

Therefore, they use Spas POS System to centralize their business operations easily & boost the overall productivity up to a great extent. Some major benefits of a POS system –

●  Increasing employee productivity
●  Reducing inventory shrinkage, theft, waste, etc,
●  Ensuring accuracy in calculations and transactions,
●  Accurate reporting about daily, weekly or monthly transactions and cash profits.
●  Inventory management
●  Creating a client list of contacts for advertising programs and sales promotion.

There are many POS systems on the market with different features & functionalities. General salon and Spa owners with no solid technical background often find it very difficult to choose a good POS system. For them, we have prepared a list of some extent POS software. Have a look at that:

1. Poster

Poster POS Software for Spa & Salon

The Poster POS system offers salon and spa owners a convenient “cloud” cash desk with lots of features and functionalities. The promptness of salon and spa services is probably one of the most important things desperately sought by customers. Poster POS helps salon and spa business owners to improve the efficiency of customer service up to a great extent. It can be used easily on all desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

It also works without Internet access. Its interface is designed to be as comprehensible as far as possible so that customers and business owners don’t face any difficulty while using it. Using this POS system, any staff of your company can make transactions easily and collect payments from customers. With its help, it’s easy to implement a loyalty system, conduct promotions, scan barcodes, accept certificates and perform business marketing initiatives.

Using its administrator panel, you can access all statistics of your salon and spa business with visual graphs and convenient diagrams in any part of the world. You can also manage the stock and perform inventory at any time. Just register on it by giving a few details and starting using it to uplift your salon and Spa business from the very first day.

2. Master POS

In a nutshell, Master POS is a popular POS system in the USA and elsewhere in the world. It has a modern and well-thought-out interface designed for people involved in the Salon & Spa Business. Its interface is aimed at using a color LCD screen with an intuitive touch screen feature.

So, people can easily use it and significantly increase the efficiency of customer service. It also provides the ability to work in a traditional way – using an external trading keyboard- which is good for all those entrepreneurs who are not comfortable with the touch screen feature. It helps you in many ways, such as the computerized management of your salon and business, automated accounting of goods and services, automated control of work, the ability to work with payment cards and banknote terminals, etc.
This multi-tasking, multi-module, real-time POS system allows your staff to serve customers quickly and efficiently. It also provides them the access to a wide range of additional accounting and control functions, allowing them to make transactions one after another. It is built on a modular basis, which allows you to build and change the configuration as per your needs. You can expand the system’s capabilities with additional modules.

3. QuickInvoicer

Quickinvoicer POS System

Whatever done by QuickInvoice, helps Spa and Salon business owners to make progress by leaps and bounds every day. Developed by Neeraj Gupta, a successful IT company owner, QuickInvoicer is modern, safe, and affordable POS system that helps business owners to run smart business and make more transactions every day.One of the main features of this POS system is that it supports GST and helps you to create error-free bills. It helps you a lot in staff management and inventory with different types of reports which carry the details of customers, products/services purchased by them, their communication with your brand, etc. All these details can be fetched on any device 24*7 from all locations, allowing you to launch business marketing initiatives to propagate your salon and spa business and make more revenues.

4. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed, as clear with the name itself, is a lighting fast POS system for Salon and Spa business and for other entrepreneurs also. With a complete set of functionalities & an intuitive interface, Salon and Spa business owners can easily use it easily, perform their daily business activities quickly, and increase their business up to 20% in the first year. You can fetch different types of reports about your business at any time and take further steps to increase its volume.

Final Words

These days, a POS system is essential for business organizations as it helps them to manage their different business activities, save the operational cost, and boost the profit margins up to a great extent. These are the top 4 POS system. Choose any one of them as per your liking and take your Salon or Spa business to the next level.

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