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Telecommunication is also known as Telecom, it is usually the transmission of signals, messages, phrases, writings, photos, sounds or statistics of any nature by using twine ,radio, optical or electromagnetic systems. Telecommunication have a major role in upbringing of society it can work on both national and International level, we can exchange thoughts , messages with each other at a global level ,   either through the smartphone or through the Internet. It can also be through airwaves, cables wires or wirelessly. These businesses created the infrastructure that allows records in phrases, voice, audio or video to be sent anywhere within the international. The largest groups in the region are wireless operators, satellite businesses, cable organizations and Internet provider companies. With the help of Telecommunication we can contact all over the world without any kind of problem or delay. It is the wide network that has spread all over the world. In fact with the passage of time it is getting more vast and vast. The birth of Telecommunication is from Technology. Technology has given us a great gift of contacting with our friends or relatives who live far from us. Earlier there was no such kind of technology. People used to communicate through Beacons, smoke signals, Signal Flags, Optical Heliographs. But now the time has shown a great change. The Technology has taken a world to a different level , now all these things has been replaced with Internet , Smartphones , Emails , Social Networking sites , Video Conferencing , etc … Telecommunication is very important for today’s world. Without Telecommunication, we can’t even imagine our life. It has given us so many advanced facilities that they become a part of our life and without them we cannot live. Telecommunication is like an essential part of our body without which our growth will stop. We came to know about the day to day changes that take place in today’s world is only through Technology. Telecommunication has given us the facility of Telephones or phones calls, which help is to communicate with the people who are overseas. In short we can say that Telecommunication has given us technology that we can talk to any individual over phone calls whether it is a voice call or video call, at any time without any kind of problem. Telecommunication has increased the use of internet through which we came to know about different types of things like the changes that took place in any of the country, news regarding any particular topic etc… The use of social networking sites has also been increased which joins people from different country or regions. Earlier there was wired method of communication but as the time has shown a drastic change therefore the wired method is replaced with wireless method for example: the computer is replaced with laptop, Tab etc. the Telephones are replaced through Smartphones. Telecommunication systems are a two way system (duplex system) with a person acting as sender and other as a receiver. A mobile telephone is a transceiver. The transmission electronics and the receiver electronics inside a transceiver are actually quite independent of every different. This may be with no trouble defined through the truth that radio transmitters contain electricity amplifiers that operate with electrical powers measured in watts or kilowatts, however radio receivers deal with radio powers which might be measured within the microwatts or nanowatts. Hence, transceivers need to be cautiously designed and built to isolate their excessive-power circuitry and their low-electricity circuitry from each different, as not to cause interference. There are many kinds of Telecommunication. The Telecommunication which are fixed over one line is known as Point to Point communication. It is called so because UT is usually between one transmitter and one receiver whereas the Telecommunications wherein a couple of transmitters and a couple of receivers had been designed to collaborate and to share the same structure channel are called multiplex structures. There is also another category of telecommunication i.e. broadcast Communication. It usually take place through Radio Broadcast. Telecommunication played a major role in development at Global level without Telecommunication the development will be not possible now in our country there are various Telecom companies which are operating at national and Global level. They all are competing with each other through their different plans, so now people wants to remain updated about these latest telecom sector news. They can easily know it from different sites but they may not be as trustworthy and convincing. In this aura the trust worthy site that can be referred to is Digital India which not only makes you aware of your surroundings but also gives you a satisfactory result of your queries. Digital India gives you the latest news on different aspects of Telecom Sector. The platform of digital India makes you aware about the latest Telecom sector news regarding different topics whether it is a launching of a new plan by a Telecom company, an event regarding Telecom Company or any minor to major news or decisions which took place in any part of the world. Digital India gives to the accurate and exact news about the latest telecom sector news. When asked to choose among the best and the best of the bests, people will surely go for the latter. So we are here to provide you the best among the bests news which are related to telecom sector. The day people wants to know about their country will be the day they are contributing their share in the progress of their country. This will not only help a particular person, a particular community or a particular region. In fact this will help the entire country to take a step ahead towards progress and success

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