Top 3 Aspects Critical for the Success of your Soon-to-be-Launched Ecommerce Portal


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Ecommerce is not something that is alien to all of us as it is now in operation for a number of years now. In fact most of the people, even a layman, has some idea about it. Ecommerce has proven to be a really important part of our daily lives as companies ranging from a grocery store to multi-billion dollar ventures use it to do business online. That’s why more and more businesses are looking towards making a mark by launching their products and services online.

The development aspect of a website is key in making it count so that there are no issues whatsoever in the smooth running of a website once it is live. So there are many ways in which it is very important to keep things intact and check for any loopholes. Regarding design aspects, here is an example of ecommerce website design trends despite Businesses need to complete all the QA before making a final decision to make their site live and start their online business.

Apart from the usual QA aspects, following are the top 3 factors which are critical for the success of an ecommerce portal nowadays.

1. Security of the Website

In the wake of recent global cyber-attacks on companies and official websites of various governments, there is a renowned need for checking this aspect. In fact, ignoring this can pose serious and imminent danger to your website as this is turning out to be quite a danger to all of eCommerce websites. And don’t think that the cyber-attacks just delete files from your server or deface your homepage. The danger is far greater than you think. Read on for more information.

Ransomware is the latest form of attack on websites and servers around the world taking control of the critical data and then asking for ransom to give the access to that data back to you. Furthermore, as eCommerce websites require lots of transactions through credit card, lots of sensitive user information will be at your disposal. So you need to have a solid plan and the support of an expert level eCommerce developer in this regard for best results.

2. Optimize Speed of the Website

There are many ways in which the speed of the website is very important. Have you ever been stuck on a website waiting for the page to load? This can be very irritating to say the least and it can certainly lead to a visitor saying goodbye to the website for good as no one has the patience to wait for a website for more than 8-10 seconds. Yes, your website should be that fast to load completely otherwise you will lose your potential customers before e they will even look at your offers.

You will essentially lose business before you start making any type of sales or profit. Your web development must deal with the site’s performance and speed issues in a manner so that there will be no issues concerning the speed. If these things are not optimized before your site is live, then you will lose customers for sure and will act as a last nail in your coffin.

3. Develop your Portal Wisely

You need to act wisely as there are many ways in which can make changes to a website that is out of the blue but can be really cool additions to a website that will be unique but important ones. Too many website owners think development means getting more visitors on board or expanding the site’s product range but that’s not it. The above mentioned 2 aspects are also critical and so is this. Things to consider when you are developing your E-Commerce website is you need to develop well so that you get more customers. E-Commerce website development can be simple but need your full attention.

Don’t leave everything to your developer so that he will make all the changes. Make your voice heard by suggesting changes that you believe can really make a positive difference to your website. So make this happen.

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