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Finding leads and doing cold calls may seem to be very easy to those who don’t do it but in reality, those who do this all day long know how tough it is. For the beginners, it is even harder to make cold calls. They fear rejection and don’t want to face the persons who disconnect their calls abruptly. They are also quite apprehensive of talking to the leads on call as their mind revolves around with thoughts like what if I will not be able to answer the question asked by the person or what if I will not be able to make a good impression on the person.

Undoubtedly, B2B telephone marketing services are a great way to increase the revenue of a company. Hence, proficient agents who are able to get the company more and more customers are weighed in gold. Such agents also started from the scratch just like the aspiring and novice ones. However, the only thing that got them going through all the individuals hanging calls with disgrace is their belief in themselves. The positive attitude is what made them give their best at each call.

Don’t worry! You too can. Take a look to know the ways to make calls perfectly.

  • Don’t make the call sound like telemarketing call- This is what all the best telemarketers do, they don’t act like they are a telemarketer and that the call is a telemarketing call at all. To implement the same, you have to call the person and act like a normal being. Break the ice first by conversing with them normally and then start pitching.
  • Increase the volume of calls- You cannot escape from this. In order to increase the sales, you have to make more calls. The more calls you make, the more are the chances of finding the interested person who is willing to turn into customers instantly. Moreover, if you are someone who is new to telephone marketing services, it would be good for you to make 100 calls per day and then increase your target to at least 140-150 calls/ day. Try to make the best use of your skills and you shall attract more and more customers.
  • Plan wisely- Planning is an important aspect of telephone marketing services. In order to be able to turn more and more leads into customers, you need to have a nicely refined data. So, for that, you need to invest in the good database and you also need to keep updating the data and omit the ones who don’t respond or who have been entered twice. Doing so and planning everything in an organized manner will help you in finding the finding the best leads that have more chances of turning into a customer.
  • Speak what the prospects want to hear- Place yourself in place of the prospect and think of the reasons why would he want to listen to you. It requires a lot of research and intricate thought to come up with a few points that make you better than your competitors. Remember the first few seconds of the call are crucial, if you have something to tell them, they will stay otherwise most of them will disconnect the call halfway. So, convert the reasons into a conversation thread and use it. The scripts sound really artificial anyway.
  • Train yourself- Many telemarketers think that telemarketing is just about speaking well. No. It is about the convincing skills and the listening skills as well. The better you listen and understand, the better you are able to frame and reframe the sentences you speak in the conversation. However, it is hard to find a person that has all of these traits. Hence, training is quintessential. So, every telephone marketing services agent should attend every training session organized.
  • Start each call like it’s the first- The telemarketing job is not at all for the faint-hearted. Those who don’t have a very positive attitude and determination in their mind find it really hard to reach the set goals. It is really essential to not let one call affect another. The performance on every call should be the best. Treating every prospect like he is the first one and speaking with all the enthusiasm will make all the difference.
  • Learn to combat objections- The most difficult part of the job of telemarketing is to handle objections. In an attempt to resist and disconnect the call, the prospect makes objections. If in such a situation, the agent would not be ready and active enough to handle the objection rightly, he will lose the call.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and you will also be a good performing agent soon.


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