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If you want to boost your accounting knowledge by taking up IFRS courses in India. Then indeed, you are on a correct path to achieve mastery in the accountancy concepts. This course will help you explore job opportunities in India as well as foreign countries.

More than 140 jurisdictions, including South Korea, Brazil, the European Union, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Russia, Chile, the Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, and Turkey, have adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

IFRS stands for International financial reporting standards. It is one of the most used accounting standards in the world. The accounting standards are defined as several procedures and guidelines used to standardize accounting and others carried out among organizations across the time are known as accounting standards. Accounting principles include the entire financial picture of a company, including investments, debts, income, expenditure, and stakeholders’ equity.

Here is a list of the top 10 IFRS Courses in India for your reference and I hope the listicle will help you apply to the IFRS course in the below-mentioned institutions.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Finance Academy exclusively finance and accounting courses for experienced and freshers. The courses include GST, ACCA, CPA, income tax, stock market, and many more trending courses which are specially designed for freshers who are aspiring to become accounting professionals and working professionals who would like to upgrade their skills in their respective domains. They are also offering IFRS courses in India as it is one of the on-demand and popular courses in India.

The Henry Harvin IFRS course is designed by the most experienced professionals in the Industry. It is a 9 in 1 course and the course structure includes 9 benefits that satisfy the requirement of every individual who applied for the course. The benefits include mentorship from experienced professionals and instructors in the industry who often appear in news channels and famous magazines. The training sessions are conducted completely using a practical approach. You will be introduced to the latest accounting software and techniques.

Other Benefits Include

  • One year gold membership worth Rs. 6000/- for free which includes access to recorded sessions of all batches for a lifetime.
  • 100% placement support, weekly boot camp sessions on career-building topics like resume writing, emotional intelligence, email writing, interview skills, and many more.
  • Internship opportunities with Henry Harvin or their partnership firms. You will receive an experience certificate post completion of your internship period which will be around 2 months to 6 months.
  • The course curriculum includes two complementary modules as soft skills and resume writing.

Course Duration: 60 hours

Course Fee

Self-paced: Rs. 15750/-

Live instructor-led sessions: Rs. 17500/-

Henry Harvin Also Provide:

Digital Marketing Certification Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training


KPMG is one of the big four companies in the world. KPMG learning academy is a separate wing in the KPMG organization that offers courses in business management, finance, and accounting courses. They offer IFRS courses in India and the course content is based on the ACCA prospectus certificate in IFRS. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare candidates for the ACCA/IFRS Diploma IFRS examination. 

The training involves focused and sophisticated virtual practice using the internet. The sessions will take place at the end of each week. The sessions will not only address the subject but also the differences between IFRS and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), when applicable. Participants will be guided through a mock exam and a sample evaluation to ensure they plan well for the certification.

Individuals will get exposure to the Learning Management System (LMS) for an indefinite amount of time from the commencement of the program, which includes important study material while eliminating the test enrollment fees paid to ACCA for such DipIFR tests. KPMG India’s qualified personnel are in charge of the program.

Course Duration: 75 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 32608/- excluding GST and examination fee

3. Zell Education

Zell Education is one of the leading pioneers in India exclusively offering financial courses on demand such as CA, CPA, ACCA, and IFRS courses in India. At Zell education, you will learn, practice, and grow under the guidance of industry experts. From helping you design an outstanding résumé to conducting mock interviews, they prepare you to team up, brainstorm, and achieve. Utilize their corporate partnerships to look for employment openings with renowned companies in a variety of industries.

On-field assignments give you hands-on work experience and allow you to put your classroom learnings to the test in a reasonably risk-free environment. Problems and concerns do not follow a timetable. When you encounter a barrier or have a critical question, you can clarify your doubts.

Course Duration: 3 months

Mode: classroom/online

4. Finpro

Finpro is an Indian consulting firm that offers business solutions and training programs on finance and accountancy courses like GAAP, Indian accounting standards, global accounting standards like IFRS courses in India. They offer diplomas in IFRS in two modes one is via instructor-led live sessions which will be conducted during weekends or you can buy recorded sessions of IFRS course. Furthermore, the study materials and case studies are available in the course content. The course content was designed by the financial and accounting experts as per the ACCA standards.

The course benefits include access to recorded sessions on the smartphone app or laptop. Faculty with 14 years of professional experience deliver the instruction. Past examination questions and answers are included in the learning resources (set of four books). Mock exams as well as periodic assessments on a collection of topics. 30 hours of video lessons on a pen drive with two views or a six-month validity

Course Duration: 78 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 20000 + GST tax is applicable

For pre-recorded sessions

Course Duration: 108 Hours

Course Fee: Rs. 16000+ GST Tax is applicable


ACCA stands for association of certified chartered accountants located in London, UK. It is a global body that offers chartered accountant certifications. The ACCA IFRS certification is the most valuable and recognized certificate across the world. ACCA works through a network of over 110 offices and centers in 51 countries. ACCA offers diplomas in IFRS courses in India. You can apply for the Certificate in International Financial Reporting online at any time by going to the list of the relevant links on the left-hand side of the page and clicking the register now link.

The Certificate in IFRS course materials and evaluation are available jointly for £250 or separately for £145. To apply for the course, you must show that you have one of the following qualifications: Two years of relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree  eligible for ACCA qualification exemptions for the Applied Knowledge and Corporate and Business Law (LW) tests) are required. Three years of accounting experience is required. Partner membership with the ACCA.

6. Grant Thornton

Grant Thorton is an Indian learning and development academy. They offer Diploma in IFRS courses in India, and this program is suitable for financial analysts who want to have a better understanding of accounting standards and IFRS principles. The study program focuses on the ACCA Certificate in IFRS schedule, which is a globally recognized and accepted skill.

They will prepare you for the exam by covering the differences between IFRS and the corresponding Ind AS and IGAAP to help you master the local disclosing requirements and easily manage Ind AS execution in India. they will furthermore draw on our firm’s deep knowledge in a range of contexts across multiple endeavors, as well as its level of expertise, to offer sensible lessons learned, assisting you in comprehending and learning complex concepts.

7. EY

Ernst & Young is a global organization and it is also considered as one of the big 4 accounting firms in the world. They are offering a self-paced course on IFRS courses in India. The course content covers different IFRS concepts and helps you to sit for ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS course, they will also cover important differences between IFRS and corresponding IND-AS in every module.

The course benefits include the experienced working professional in EY as an instructor. Latest study materials. 6 months access to their learning management system, presentations, case studies, practice papers, and regular assignments. You can clarify your doubts via the Q&A platform on their website and finally, for final certification, you need to appear for an assessment and you need to achieve a minimum 50% average score to get the certificate.

Course Duration: 55 hours

Course Fee: 10,000+ taxes

8. Takshila learning

Takshila Learning is the most well-known organization in the field of internet-based education, with a focus on providing high-quality teaching. They provide expert training such as CA, CS, and CMA courses, as well as competitive exams such as Bank, SSC, Railways, Insurance, and other state government exams. They also offer spoken English courses, Digital Marketing and Personality Development.

They offer IFRS courses in India. Both online and offline sessions are available, they also provide lectures via encrypted pen drive, CD, DVD, Tablet, and Smartphones to reach out to people who don’t have access to the internet (live or through memory cards). The goal is to reach and empower our learning content to everyone, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

9. PWC academy

The PWC Academy program is for finance and accounting professionals who want to learn about IFRS accounting and become certified ACCA professionals. This course teaches you the core elements and standards of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Knowledge of the precise requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the classification, assessment, reporting, and analysis of the financial statement elements.

Competence in preparing financial accounts following International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), including financial statements. Expertise in establishing informed decisions on the practical use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With illustrations, in-depth teaching on the additional funding and leases rules (IFRS 15 and IFRS 16). A study of the differences between the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS).

10. Udemy

Udemy is a massive online learning academy where anyone can purchase their desired course. There are multiple courses based on arts, management, creativity, science, technology, and much more available on udemy’s online platform. The instructors who have expertise in a particular domain upload their course videos and the same will be available to all at a minimal price. The website is quite similar to e-commerce where you need to add your desired courses into the cart. There are no eligibility criteria if you want to purchase a course.

Udemy offers IFRS courses in India and it is an advanced course on International Financial Reporting Standards. You are qualified to undertake this ACCA financial reporting qualification if you are a chartered accountant or auditor who works in practice or business. 

Participants should develop skills and abilities in understanding and applying International Financial Reporting Standards and the theoretical foundation in analyzing financial reports for companies, particularly consolidated financial statements.

The training provides the financial reporting standards presented in the ACCA DipIFR test in depth. Aside from lectures, the course contains enough practice questions to demonstrate how to apply IFRS. The course also contains excel files/worksheets that students can download for further research or practice.

Course Duration: 68 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 3840/-

Need for IFRS Courses in India

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of guidelines for describing different types of transactions and other key events within a company’s financial operations. The main advantage of IFRS is that it is properly given to financial supporters coming from comparable or different countries, allowing us to make intelligent choices.

The purpose should be to provide companies with a consistent global language in which to organize and publish their annual documents so that they are appropriate and recognizable around the world.

It would be difficult to envision monetary records of organizations from diverse countries and places in the world if there were almost no global monetary detailed norms. In any scenario, you’d also be required to find out if the accountancy rules in those countries would still be in place at the moment.


The benefits of being an IFRS Certified professional are endless, and if you want to start a career as an accountant, an IFRS certification can be extremely beneficial. Because the implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has already commenced in India, the demand for people who are skilled in this area will soar in the coming years. If you have an IFRS certification, you can earn attractive remuneration packages.

Experts in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are in high demand in the financial and banking industries. They require skilled professionals who can apply the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to their financial reporting. You can focus on your chances of progression or improving your position with accreditation.


Q1. Why is the IFRS course required in India?

Ans. IFRS course will help you to broaden your accountancy skills and this course will help you to explore job opportunities in India and abroad. The average salary of an IFRS professional who cleared ACCA certification is rupees 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum in India.

Q2. Can an individual without any finance background apply for this course?

Ans. No, an individual must have basic knowledge in financial and accountancy concepts and he should be able to understand all financial and accountancy principles.

Q3. Is there any requirement that IFRS-certified professionals incorporate organization?

Ans. Yes, there is a huge requirement for IFRS certified professionals in MNC’s and reputed organizations in India

Q4. Which certificate is most valuable and recognized in the IFRS course in India?

Ans. ACCA (Association of chartered certified accountants)

Q5. Can a fresher apply for an IFRS course in India?

Ans. Yes, a fresher can apply for an IFRS course in India if he or she wants to gain knowledge in IFRS concepts.

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