Top 10 Hospitality Technology Solution Providers in 2022

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With the rise of global tourism, Hospitality Software Development Services are fairly gaining acceleration across the world. Be it hotels, motels, or other tourism businesses, hospitality IT services Providers are broadly being chased at the respective marketplace. Anyone who has spent a couple of years in this industry knows the value of technology-driven initiatives that are required to meet the business objectives and go beyond the taste of excellence.

There are innumerable activities in the tourism business that immensely rely on technology and IT resources, and this has been the simple reason that software development companies for hospitality management are a one-stop solution for hotel enterprises to reach their business niche.

Major Solution Provider for Hospitality Management

The advancement of cut-throat competition in the hospitality domain has caused the prominent market leaders to rapidly adopt the solution providers that could empower them to grow and flourish beyond the horizon of ordinary.

So, let’s rank the top hospitality technology solution providers who are currently ruling the market.


Bitscape understands the value of technology in hospitality management and claims to reinforce its operational expertise with high-quality, end-to-end, and customized software solutions and services. It holds the notion that every guest comes with a unique expectation from the hotel and tourism service, so that must be some technical solution that can bifurcate the needs and priorities of the customers and allow the business to serve them accordingly.

A Gold Partner of Microsoft operating from multiple geographical locations is one among the Top Hospitality Software Development Companies.


Starting in the year 1996, this company has deployed a phenomenal consulting service in customized and ready-made hospitality technology. Being reliable hospitality IT solution provider, This company offers full-fledged expertise in hospitality technology to hotels and tourism enterprises that strive to engage their customers and sustain in their respective enterprises.

With 360-degree visibility to the business, Cardonet brings on enhanced transparency via streamlined software solutions like Hotel IT solutions, Hotel Management IT Solutions, Restaurant IT solutions, Pubs, and Bar IT solutions.


This company claims to leverage tourism with the latest and trending technologies available in the market. As an exceptional Hospitality Software Development Service provider, Hexaware focuses on a unique technology blend and customization that proactively brings forth outstanding customer engagement, streamlined business strategy, and one-stop digital solutions for the modern hospitality domain.  

Cmit Solutions

This frontline hospitality technology solution provider deploys elegant multi-location for the hospitality business. The company believes in framing your digital journey and optimizing the user experience with a cloud solution, network security 24*7 support, and outstanding Mobile Device Management.


For more than 40,000 hotels and operating across 160 companies, Sabre is a leading software consulting and development company that has often been a blind choice for the hospitality business when it comes to choosing the right hospitality IT services Provider. The custom software development, software product development, distribution operation, and marketing solution for the hotel industry has made this company sold like a hot cake in the market.  


Office1 has been deploying hospitality solutions in the market to strategize business and encourage digital transformation for its clients and customers. The wide and comprehensive bandwidth of digital services for hotel business includes restructuring of infrastructure, focus on priorities, boost effectiveness within on-site and off-site IT services.

Thusly, if you are some way or another engaged with the hotels, hospitality, and tourism business and looking forward to Hospitality Software Development Services, Office1 would be a blue-chip investment for you.

Krish Compusoft Services

The company aims to deploy a customized guest experience with a hospitality solution. Be it inventory management, front office service, restaurant solution, administrative department, report building, finance management, or any other additional service, Krish Compusoft Services is on its toes to deliver IT Solutions for Hospitality Industry.


itSupportGuys focuses on delivering quick, safe, and efficient Hospitality Software Development Services and IT Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. It brings for you seamless integration of guest and employee network, 24*7 backend support, active maintenance, strong wi-fi for a seamless experience, innovative cloud computing solution, backup data, and recovery service.

On top of that, it also offers cybersecurity solutions like training and awareness programmes, remarkable security measures, end-to-end strategies for configuring firewalls, and preparation for data breaches.


As the tag line says, “A new era of technology,” Comm-Works offers its clients and customers the same. Being a vibrant leader in branch network technology deployment and managed IT software solutions, this company is a global facilitator of IT Solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

For the past 13 years, it has worked across 120 countries with 20000 technology professionals across the enterprise to leverage the hotels and tourism business from scratch to horizon IT resources and services.


Starshot believes in “Creating memories for the connected Traveller.” To analyse and understand the unique context of every hotel and travel business and bring technology innovation to take customers’ experience beyond the boundaries of ordinary to the aura of excellence is something that this company relentlessly focuses on. The digital transformation and technology solutions that Starshot offers for the hospitality industries are Air Transport, Hotel & Lodging, Resorts & Vacations, Car Rental, Travel Management & Services, Recreation & Leisure, and Health & Wellness clients all over the world. These have been the reason that Starshot is counted among the Top 10 Hospitality Technology Solution Providers in 2022.

The IT Solution is the Future of the Hospitality Industry!

Since such phenomenal technology leaders already exist in the global market, we can assume that fact the hospitality and tourism business will somehow show up graphed growth in the upcoming days. Hence, choosing the correct Hospitality Software Development Services and companies deploying the IT Solutions for the Hospitality Industry is very important.

To be the best, you need to partner with the best. Any Microsoft Certified Gold Partners existing in the market, delivering the required in-built and customized solution and services shall always be a high-demanding prospect. The whole world is vigorously accepting the digital transformation, and it’s time for travel, tourism, and hospitality to embrace the same. 

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