The Perfect Fabric to Make Innerwear for Men Disclosed


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Innerwear is the most delicate piece of clothing. As it meets our skin the most, it is an essential clothing item. Innerwear for men includes vests & underwear. While shopping for innerwear, men usually look for comfortable fabric.

Apart from the comfortable fabric, the factors that matter.

  • The breathability of the cloth.
  • The material should be non-sticky to skin.
  • How the fabric feels against the skin.

As most factors revolve around the fabric of the cloth, it is essential to find the right material.

The fabric is the material from which the whole cloth is made. Each fabric differs from one another. Some fabrics feel soft to the skin, whereas some fabrics are rough. 

Men’s innerwear is mostly ignored in comparison to the female’s innerwear. The innerwear market is not innovative for the men’s innerwear section.

However, the fabric plays an integral part in the design. We know that all fabrics are not the same. So, what is the best fabric for men’s underwear? Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Cotton 

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics ever to exist. It is also one of the most delicate fabrics. We love wearing cotton clothes in the summer season as the fabric is breathable. It allows sweat to pass through the skin & absorbs It quickly.

Cotton has all the factors which make it #1 in this list. Even women’s underwear is made from cotton most of the time. Cotton is readily available too. 

Men’s vests are usually made from cotton. Even men’s underwear made from cotton are comfortable against the skin. The cotton fabric makes the best innerwear for men. So, when it comes to innerwear, cotton is the most comfortable fabric. 

2. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fibre mostly made from coal & water. It is one of the human-made fabrics usually made for making clothes. Clothing items such as shirts, pants, socks, and underwear are made from polyester.

Polyester fabric is very breathable in comparison to other synthetic fibres. It is suitable for wearing in every season. Underwear made from polyester is comfortable to wear. Due to the easy fit, you can go for polyester underwear anytime.

Even the vests for men are mostly made from polyester as it is quite breathable. 

Because of the comfort & breathability, polyester makes a good option for innerwear fabric. 

3. Nylon

Nylon is an affordable substitute for silk. Nylon is made from thermoplastic material. It is widely used in making apparels such as leggings, yoga pants & underwear. 

The touch of the fabric is just like silk. It has a satin touch to the cloth. But it is tight-fitting to the skin. It also has medium absorption properties. 

There have often been debates about the use of nylon for innerwear. But, if you are searching for underwear which has a tight fit, consider nylon.

Nylon underwear fits nicely and has a comfortable touch to it. 

4. Spandex

The fabric, spandex, is an alternative to latex. It is one of the most breathable synthetic fibre. It has properties of moisture resistance; it can fit easily to the individual.

Spandex fabric is usually made for innerwear mainly for gym use. It provides a relaxed fit to the whole outfit. Men tend to work out at the gym more. So, they require spandex innerwear more than women. 

So, spandex makes a good choice for the men for all the properties stated above. Spandex is among the best fabrics of men’s underwear. Due to the comfort fit and moisture-free properties, it makes a considerable addition to the list. 

5. Modal

Another addition to the synthetic fabric in this list is modal. Made from the cellulose of trees, it is one of the most stretchable fabrics. This fabric is the most used in giving stretchability to socks and stockings.

It hugs the skin perfectly. The heat retention property of this fabric is the lowest among all. This factor provides extreme breathability to the cloth. The underwear made from this fabric offers comfort to the user. The breathability further provides ease in wearing. This can be worn in all seasons. 

The high thread count of the modal fabric provides intricate detailing to the material. This makes it appealing to the eyes too. The fabric also offers good design choices to the user. You can further select the underwear of your choice in this fabric. 

6. Mesh

Mesh was first introduced as a fabric option in the feminine section. It is often used in women’s lingerie. But, with the passage of time and the introduction of the trend of cross-dressing, mesh’s use was widened. It is now being used widely in men’s underwear.

Mesh is usually made from a combination of synthetic fibres. It is a partially transparent fabric that is exceptionally breathable. It provides room for the breathing of the skin. It allows perspiration to take place freely. 

The use of mesh provides odourless private parts to the user. It also provides an attractive look to the underwear. Apart from all the comfortable factors, the mesh looks attractive on the skin too. 

If you are looking for comfort & attractiveness, mesh underwear is your holy-grail. 

7. Combination of Fabrics

Often more than not, some manufacturers create a combination of fabrics for optimum comfort. Cotton & polyester are often merged in proportions for underwear. It provides the best of all materials; it also provides an optimum combination of all the good factors.

A combination also helps in nullifying the bad parts of the fabric. For, e.g., when nylon and spandex are merged, it nullifies the less breathability of spandex. 

In conclusion, using a combination of fabrics for underwear is a good option. 


Underwear forms an integral part of the clothing. If the innerwear is not comfortable enough, it will make you feel uneasy. The feeling of uneasiness will not let you focus on your day. Therefore, finding the right piece of innerwear is essential. 

With the given list of fabric options, you can easily choose your option. These options are the best fabric for men’s underwear. With the given options, you can pick an underwear fabric according to your needs. With a market so wide, you can easily get your ideal underwear. 

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