The Dose of Colors Makeup Collection will Give you a Dose of Confidence


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The Dose of Colors is a brand owned by Anna Petrosian that she started in the year 2013. Before starting her brand, she worked as a freelance makeup artist and an Instagram influencer, which made her skyrocket in the world of developing makeup, finding her true business sense.

She is someone with a lot of knowledge of her field and also a knack for creativity and innovation, which makes this brand something to look out for in the future times to come.

The Dose of Colors has a motto that says ‘possibilities are endless.’ Well, that is true in makeup and this is what makes this skill so versatile, that can be learnt and practised by anyone and everyone, irrespective of their race, caste, colour or gender.

All of the Dose of Colors products are available with exceptional beauty dealsavailable all-round the internet!

Is the Dose of Colors worth Investing In?

Dose of Colors is a high-end brand that might come across as a little expensive for some people. But, you need to keep in mind that makeup is an investment. A one-time investment will go on for a long time, and even longer if you do not use it that frequently.

As for the brand, each of the products of the Dose of Colors range is so pigmented and so high coverage that a little goes a very long way! This up-and-coming brand is overtaking a lot of known brands in the market and is in the race to be the best brand.

 What are some of the products worth buying from Dose of Colors?

The Dose of Colors Eyescream Palette is a 10-pan eyeshadow palette that gives you a blend of neutrals and pop of colours all in the same palette. You can easily get a neutral everyday look and amp it up with a slight colour in the inner corner or on the lid for an outstanding effect. 

1. The Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in Flirty

This liquid lipstick is so effortless to apply and very lightweight and you will not feel like there is anything on your lips. After drying, this lipstick leaves a velvety matte finish which will not budge for hours on the go! All you need to do is avoid oily and greasy foods.

It is a dusty pink shade which looks different on every skin tone but works well for all of them.

2. The Dose of Colors 5 Pan Palette in Pretty Cool

The Dose of Colors 5 pan eyeshadow palette in the shade Pretty Cool is a cool-toned taupe shaded palette that has an extremely smooth, but matte finish. This palette is all you need for an everyday neutral makeup look as well as a good old smokey eye!

This palette includes the shades 

  • Taupeless – a light taupe
  • Let’s Chill – a neutral taupe
  • Fine Print – a cool grey
  • Sign Off – a medium taupe
  • Smokeshow – a charcoal brown

The Dose of Colors is an amazing brand to check out, especially when they are available on various offers and discounts. It is for sure that once you start using products of this brand, there will be no turning back from it! Come to beauty deals now!

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