The Food You Need to Start Consuming as You Age


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The food we eat determines our health. The muscles get weak, and bones would lose their strength as we age. The body which has been growing until the age of 30, will be entering into the state of degeneration as we enter the 30s. The unexplained pains start coming in, and it would affect our functioning. If we need to maintain our health, we must concentrate on the food we have to consume. Here are healthy foods we must eat to live healthy for long.

1. Meet the Vitamin.

The right quantities of vitamins are required for a healthy body. The vitamins and minerals are the ones that keep your body healthy. So, fill the plate with the right amount of vitamin A, C, D, E and K. The Balanced diet charts with the correct nutrient value is the need for our immune system as we age. The meals we take must be balanced. We must not take foods that would be too high in vitamins and minerals and would disturb our digestive system. Keep good care of the tummy by regularly visiting a gastroenterologist.

2. Food for Bone Strength

Women face issues related to bones a bit earlier than men as per the research done by various studies conducted in different parts of the world. So, Women must concentrate on their bone health as they step into their 30s. The vitamin D rich foods and calcium-rich foods must be part of the daily diet. Men too must concentrate on it, as rheumatoid and arthritis do affect them. Whole grains are rich in nutrients, and they must be taken to maintain the bone density by both men and women as they age. Vitamin B12, C and magnesium also play a crucial role in bone health. So, yoghurt, milk and cheese must be consumed at the right amount.

3. Strengthen the Muscles

Muscle pains are the most common issue that could affect one when they enter the 30, and it would increase in the 50s. The muscle could not work as it did when it was younger. The thigh and the calf muscles would feel the pain after a few minutes of walk. The food we eat can avoid the tightening of the muscles, and it would help in reducing the pain. The body should consume the right amount of protein to maintain the health of its muscles. The experienced nutritionist would suggest the right amount of protein required according to the weight of the person. One can take suggestions from a nutritionist to take the right amount to avoid muscle pain. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables are rich in protein.

4. Healthy Heart

The cardiac issues are directly related to the stress that a person would feel. But food low in cholesterol is always good to maintain the health of the heart. The vitamins, minerals and proteins could do good for the heart. So, as one age, green leafy vegetables, avocados, whole grains, and berries must be taken regularly to avoid disorders related to the heart. Berries are rich in antioxidants and would reduce the risk factors associated with the heart and avocados play a role in reducing the level of cholesterol.

5. Iron Booster

Anemia is the most common issue that affects women and men alike in middle adulthood and old age. So, dates and dry fruits must be taken every day to meet the iron requirements of the body.

6. Memory Enhancer

Weak memory and forgetfulness are something that disturbs as one enters our late 30s. The food we eat can help us to have a better memory, and we can retain our ability to think fast in critical situations. Olive oil, fish and nuts can avoid disorders related to memory.

7. For Good Eyesight

Vision is something that would decrease as we age. We have learnt from childhood that foods rich in vitamin A are good for our eyes. We must include enough carrots in our diet charts. A yummy carrot juice twice a week will help in maintaining the eyes at its good health. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can also be taken to ward off the eye disorders that would occur as we age. Almonds are also good for the eyes.

8. Mental Wellness

The food we eat is also related to our mind. Depression and anxiety can be kept at bay as we take a hot glass of milk every night. Insomnia seems to be a common issue starting from the 30s till 80s. The foods rich in nutrients and vitamins can give good sleep. Coffee and tea can be avoided. Instead, badam and milk can be taken to keep the body and the mind light.

9. Say No to Stress

Hypertension and diabetes stand as the most common stress-related health disorders. The body could not take up the stress in mind as it did in the early days. The high amount of oil and sugar in food would cause diabetes and hypertension. As we age, we must go for organic foods with less oil, and the white sugar must be avoided as much as possible. The bananas are said to relax our mind, and it also eases the bowel movements. So, we must include bananas and other fibre rich foods in our diet to stay healthy. In turn, we could avoid diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, or any other stress-related health disorder. The whole grains, legumes and fruits must be a part of the daily diet.

We must avoid the junk foods and drinks that we enjoyed in our teens and 20s as we step into 30s. The body would not have the same digestive capacities as it was in the day of teens and early adulthood. We must remember that food is the fuel for our body, and we must consume it right in the quantity that it requires. We must be conscious of the food we consume, starting from our middle adulthood to have a healthy life in old age.

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