Some Rules to Consider for Excellent English Pronunciation


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We all want to learn fluent English and it is not impossible. English speaking is a skill like any other and can be learnt through practice and perseverance. Thus if you are committed to learning English then you will become a good English speaker quick and easy.

These are certain rules which will help you with good English pronunciation: –


The first rule is to speak as much as possible. Whenever you get an opportunity then you should go for speaking. Be it a presentation, a debate, an extempore or a presentation, you should take the initiative and give it your best short and don’t be afraid if others laugh at you, even if they laugh at you when you become a brilliant speaker then the same people will clap for you.

Also your pronunciation will improve and you will be able to correct the flaws by speaking and listening more in English.


You should go for Spoken English Classes Online as that will help you learn fluent English fast and quick. You will get one to one attention and thus your learning will be accelerated and you will become a great speaker of the English language quickly.

Thus by taking English spoken classes you will be able to conquer your fears and speak confidently in front of any audience.

Also you will get exposure from the best trainers in the industry and thus you will get support and inspiration and all your flaws will be corrected and you will become a brilliant English speaker.

The tutor will make sure that your pronunciation is correct and not flawed.


Your trainer will also act like your mentor and thus will help you whenever you need his support. You can call him any time you are having difficulty and he will respond positively and proactively and he will see to it that you get the adequate support.

Thus by having a mentor you always have someone to look up to and also your confidence level will increase as you will be rest assured that a qualified and experienced trainer is acting as your mentor.


The next and very important rule is that you should listen to English podcasts, songs and audiobooks for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you improve your vocabulary and sentence making ability and will also provide you with exposure which will broaden your horizon both mentally and linguistically.

Also you can go for Spoken English Classes Online where the tutor will guide you as to which audiobooks are best suited for you and thus you can then listen to those audiobooks and increase your knowledge and vocabulary. This will also help you improve your pronunciation.


You should also go for public speaking events as that will help you get exposure to the best and the most brilliant speakers there are and thus you will get inspiration to become like them and follow in their footsteps.

This will also give you confidence and you can make goals where you will learn a certain amount of words in a particular period of time and also after you have reached a particular level of English fluency then you can also participate in these events and earn fans and accolades.


The best way to learn is to watch YouTube videos where there are English speakers explaining about different topics. You can choose the topics of your choice and thus it will be fun and interesting for you to watch these videos and also learn about English and the particular topic from them.

Also you can yourself also make YouTube videos and helps others with all what you have learnt about English speaking and fluency. 

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