Top 7 Facts about How Digital Technologies Transform Education of Dental Students


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The world is definitely changing and we see digital education becoming more popular than ever. Even in medical school, it is possible that technology can help improve the students’ results. Educators are now trying to understand how they can improve their teaching by using technology. When writing your dental school recommendation letter, you probably used technology to assist. Now it is possible that it may improve your success rate. Using digital technology to your advantage is a smart idea in this day and age.

Perhaps some years ago, we looked at technology as a method of cheating the process. It is not the same today. In fact, it is almost impossible to not use technology to complete your degree. You could make this process a lot easier if you do incorporate the right tools. Now that educators have caught on with this trend, students feel more comfortable with the addition to learning. We will go as far as saying that it has transformed education for a lot of dental students and this is how.

1.     Comfortability

Students are already comfortable with digital technologies and this is why it benefits both the educator and the student. It is assumed that all students are geniuses when it comes to using technology. This is not exactly true. Yes, there are some who know a lot and then there are others who don’t. The fact is that most students at least have an idea of how to incorporate technology into their studies. It is not that new of a concept to grasp.

2.     Visuals

Human beings are visual and it is easier to take in information through multimedia than text. Being given a huge textbook to study always feels impossible. Looking at slides, pictures and videos is a great way to learn. You are able to commit this information to memory. Knowing how a lor format looks is always better through seeing it first. The same goes for learning in dental school. This is an exciting way students have been learning.

3.     Communication

It is so much easier to communicate between students and teachers. We are embracing emails and text messages. Before, it would not have been possible to simply send a message to your teacher and get a response at a rapid speed. If you are stuck with one section in your study books, you can just ask the teacher. It is effective ad doable. We no longer have to wait until we get to the class the next day.

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4.     Networking

There is no reason to wait until you are qualified to network with influencers of your industry. In fact, the earlier you start the better. We are constantly told that social media is bad for society, but it depends on how you use it. There are some amazing platforms students can use to connect with other students or start networking. Some of these platforms would be LinkedIn and even Facebook. Instead of allowing it to steal your time, use it effectively.

5.     Multitasking

It definitely is a skill to multitask, but students often have no choice if they want to get everything done in one day. You could be writing a letter of recommendation residency and doing a thousand other things. Digital technology helps us multitask a little easier. There are so many helpful tools online and you could be listening to a lesson on video while having dinner. This is one of the bigger benefits of combining education and technology.

6.     Eliminate distractions

Sure, technology can be a huge distraction, but it can also help to eliminate some of it. There are tools you can use to block certain websites. This is done so that you can focus on tasks when you have to. It is important to remain focused during times when you should be. It is said that we spend a lot of time going down rabbit holes on the internet. Instead of fearing technology, embrace it and put methods in place to remain focused.

7.     Speedy information

Having the ability to simply log in on a platform and finding information is amazing. The internet may not be the best source of information, but it does help us access the credible types. Having all of your material in a folder on your mobile phone or laptop is incredible. You can read while on public transport or anywhere else. It definitely boosts the amount of time you can study. No one walks around with all of their textbooks all the time, so this is very beneficial.

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More on digital technologies in the classroom

We have to move with the changing times and it is important to keep up with emerging trends. A lot of these are ways to improve the life of students and educators. Instead of frowning upon it, accept that this is what is happening. We can either let it steal or time or give us time back. Most of us know how to use technology to our advantage. It is just a matter of choosing to do so.

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