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When we talk about social media monitoring we talk about a lot of things, like advertisment, tracking consumers and seeing patterns and trends but in the midst of all this, we often forget the thing that binds it all together, which is the internet of things. This buzzword has done it’s share in the market and has generated a lot of excitement along with a lot of confusion. IoT has prompted global businesses to take notice and has raised the question if the best iot companies for telecom sector can infact benefit the day to day activities of an organization.

Currently, over 9 billion IoT devices are running today and at the same time, numerous organizations are still in a traditional set up, finding IoT expensive, overwhelming and extremely complicated to use. They question how the Internet of things model will fit right into their business.

Breaking it down

As many would like to believe, Internet of Things isn’t a new terms per se. About two decades ago, a group of professors from MIT described in details about a world where applications and devices would all be interconnected in a manner so as to share important data easily with each other. Nowadays what seemed like a dream almost twenty years ago is now a reality. It is true about IoT because more and more sensors and devices are interconnected to each other to give insights that wasn’t in reach before. It’s all built on data collecting sensors and cloud computing. The Internet of Things as it is known now is something that has transformed way too many things in its wake from smart devices to something like oil rigs.

As we see enterprises around the globe look for an efficient way to listen, monitor and analyze data gathered from the social media, IoT gives people the convenience of gathering data without wasting any energy or time. With the help of IoT businesses can do great social media monitoring and make good crucial and informed decisions across numerous internal departments.

What have the social media giants been doing?

In the past few years spent on getting people to know each other and connecting with them, social media giants and various other organisations are now looking at the coming ten years or so to connect people to numerous devices and to be able to gather their valuable input with their permission.

A lot of recent examples about the way IoT is working alongside social media monitoring tools includes numerous applications and providers that are increasingly turning to seek social media monitoring’s help to collect and deliver consumer data.  Automated and retail experts are very soon going to roll out their features along with visual recognition of their customers based completely on whatever their past habits, orders and choices have been. This demographic data is more than often collected with the help of social media.

Big amusement park companies all around the world is using internet of things media industry to power magic bands that give guests access to parks and gives them the opportunity to reserve rides etc.

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