7 Ways In Which Intranet Software Improves Employee Productivity

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Research shows that the success of a company is 60% dependent on communication and 40% dependent on technology. While one cannot argue with these figures, we have a solution to the communication problem in every organization. An intranet software solution is preferred by many organizations and yet it is an untapped resource. The everyday running of a business requires information to be transferred from person to person. Whether it is simple and basic information or something more advanced, a framework to work within never hurts an organization. 

The precise transfer of information is the key to achieving goals. When you compare a person who knows precisely all the company activities to one who doesn’t, who do you think would perform better? Taking this viewpoint to the whole employee network of an organization, we can achieve uniform operations through better communication.

The intranet software we are talking about has the following benefits every business should consider

Benefits of intranet software

  • Eliminates basic mailing issues
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Implement a well-built intranet software and you’ll have no issues in basic emailing. Some issues arise when a person misses an important message in a series of emails, when the reply list is too large, or when you don’t know where to direct an email etc. With a well-designed intranet software, you can streamline a large amount of this messaging. It helps you talk to colleagues, build up groups, make announcements, conduct polls, upload suggestions, and build up a dashboard for company proceedings. 

  • No problem in getting things done

What is management? Management is the art of getting things done through others. Intranet software Solutions help managers do their tasks seamlessly. They can collaborate with employees without any hassle and share content, assign tasks, define accountability, impart knowledge, make an introduction, and so on. And all this just by employing a well-designed Intranet software. 

  • Look after internal stakeholders

Every company has a set of internal stakeholders that need to be looked after. These people include personnel related to marketing, IT, human resources, operations, and the executive. The manager can submit different policy documents to every department and get their feedback simultaneously. This feature enables instant decision making. 

  • Integration of different documents
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Managing knowledge is also a critical task for a company. This includes managing files, employee information, accountability and responsibility, and much more. To make sure that the information is in the right hands and is utilized to its fullest, intranet software can help by making information readily available and searchable. One can easily consolidate documents whenever needed. This is very helpful considering the diversity of people working in an organization. 

  • Intranet enables informal social networking

there’s no denying that informal knowledge is even more important than formal interaction. When employees communicate informally, it can help them grow from the organization’s point of view. Through simple socialization, knowledge can be shared between groups, individuals and departments, and help them gain better insights into the company.

  • Posting live status and feedback

Intranet software helps you post live status updates of any task assigned to someone. You can always get and provide feedback instantaneously so that the person assigned to a task can easily fix or improve what they’re working on. 

  • Communication in different directions
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Interdepartmental communication is something that an organization depends on. Communication has to be available between individuals whether or not they work on the same level, and an intranet solution provides the ability to do just that. For example, an employee of the finance department can communicate with the head of the marketing department and vice versa. Smooth multi-directional communication is enabled by intranet software. 

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