Shopping for a New Accounting Solution? Don’t Overlook Customer Support


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For every business, invoicing and accounting software plays a very important role in  recording financial transaction of day to day expenses and incomes.  Even if we talk about small business like grocery shops the number of transaction is too high. What if your accounting software don’t provide customer support. In this article we cover some important things about customer support in accounting software.

What is an accounting software?

Accounting software is an application software which help us to record our financial data in a systematic way. Basically, accounting software performs all the functions of accounting which we have done manually.

What kind of functions an accounting software performs?

An accounting software performs many functions which we perform manually like recording classifying summarizing the financial data etc. in this article we cover some important functions which are performed by an accounting software.

1- Invoice processing- The first function which is performed by an accounting software is invoice processing, in invoice processing they allow you to make your own bills and also permit you to print this bill electronically. In some software, they also provide a feature of automatic invoicing.

2- Payment processing- Many accounting software allows the vendor to pay the bill electronically which is very helpful for all the businessman. It saves the time as well as money of businessman.

3- Automatic tax calculation- Almost every accounting software have the feature of automatic tax calculation which saves our time, with this function we just have to put the percentage of tax and the software automatically calculate whole tax every time.

4- Banking- Nowadays some accounting software also provides a facility of banking through our accounting software, in this we just have to attach our bank account and then we can control our payments and expenses on our computer desk.

5- Reporting- In many accounting software they provide a feature of reporting which is also very helpful for all the businessman. We can see all our sales or purchase reports or we can also see our income and expenses for every week.

How much an accounting software cost?

The price of accounting software totally depends on the features they provide. Some of them are business accounting software which is totally free for life, some of them are costly. If we talk about price of an accounting software in India then we can say that it starts from 1000 rupees and it goes up to 20000 per year. So it is all about our choice that what is our need from an accounting software.

Is there any Customer support?

In many accounting softwares, they provide customer support service to their customers because it is not easy to any one to operate the accounting software in first time. Everyone wants customer support for the first time and until the license is valid.

In this article, we are covering some essential kind of customer services which is must be needed for every customer which are as follows –

1- Demo service- Before buying an accounting software please ensure that, Is your accounting software company provides demo service to you because it is not easy to operate any software for first time.

2- Customer care- The second and the most important customer support service is customer care calling facility because we do not know when we need their help, so please ensure this before buying an accounting software.

3- Updates of new versions- Technology is changing fast and with this changing technology, Is your company provides you with proper updates and Is your company providing new features to you? Please ensure this also.

4- Cloud feature- Is your company providing you cloud feature which is trending nowadays. Yes, friends cloud feature help us to save our data online and which is easily accessible for us anywhere on the earth.

So, guys, it is all about the accounting software and the customer support, with the help of this article you can easily identify the need of customer support for every customer who is going to buy an accounting software. So, don’t ignore customer support, guys . I hope you like my article, if you like it then please hit the like button and share some more customer support services in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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