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If you forgot your Windows password and you are finding different ways to crack your computer or laptop then you are in the correct place. This thing is really disappointing that you have forgotten your computer password because of this you cannot access your computer. It will be difficult to accept for you that you want to access your important data and you can’t because you don’t remember your computer password

But don’t worry you are in the right place we have a solution to your problem. In this article, I will tell you about different methods with the help of all these methods you can easily reset your windows password and get access all the methods are totally safe and are given below

1.With PassFolk SaverWin :

PassFolk SaverWin is the best and efficient tool of 2018. This tool provides the modern interface and it is very easy in use. Passfolk SaverWin tool is a totally safe tool and you don’t need any special skills to use this tool. The process of recover password from this tool is that you have to download and install this tool after this reset disk and the last step is that recover your windows password  .

The best and amazing part of this tool is that it provides the user-friendly interface and every person can use it easily because of this Passfolk SaverWin is the NO 1 tool in 2018.


This tool is free

Provide a modern and user-friendly interface

Simple in ease

No need for any special skills

No need to reinstall the Windows OS

No need of the previous password

No data or files from your computer will be compressed or deleted

2.iSeePassword Password Recovery Pro Software:

This tool is the third party tool and it is the best tool to recover password in the market of 2018. It provides the more than twenty method of recovery it supports the Windows 8/8.1/7/10/ Windows XP, Windows Vista. With the help of this password recovery tool, you can recover your password easily no matter you have an administrator account or have a user account. You don’t have to install again your operating system. It helps you in different situations without any special skills and any knowledge of computer.

Right now , follow iSeePassword guide to crack the Windows password

First, you have to download this iSeePassword program from its official website and install it,after this, create a bootable disk to reset the password of your window computer. After this select the recovery file and path now you have to select the bootable disk like CD/DVD/USB Drive and click on the button named as burn.

Now insert the bootable disk into your locked computer and select the name of your user account and enter the password after all this process click on the reset password button and that’s it after this you can login to your computer with the new password .


Provides more than 20 methods of recovery

Provide modern and simple interface

Easy in use

No need for any special computer knowledge

No need to reinstall the Window

Don’t delete any files or your important data


3.Crack Windows Password With CMD:

The command prompt is the oldest method to recover or reset windows password but this method is still powerful and best. CMD method is a text-based method there is no need to install a new window or install any third party software. You have to load some operating system files to the user account for reset password. This method is totally free but the problem is this method requires some knowledge so it’s difficult to use for new users.

This CMD is free but not for everyone To apply this method you need the bootable disk and also know some computer skills. If you don’t have any knowledge then don’t apply this method. Then you can follow the other methods that are given below.


All process is text-based

Difficult to use for new users

Need computer skills


These are the best password recovery tools mentioned in this article. After reading the complete article you can select the best password recovery tool that solves your problem easily.

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