Selling Point of Palladium and Silver Jewelry


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Palladium jewelry
The color of palladium decoration generally includes PD1000 (pure palladium, which is actually impossible), PD990, PD950, PD900. Palladium entered the field of jewelry, which was fully manifested by the strong romantic and fashionable temperament personalized name necklace of the ancient Greeks and the characteristics of the classic life atmosphere. It can be described as a stunning work! Palladium’s unique exquisite ingenuity is perfectly combined with the feminine and casual nature of the woman, which injects a fresh and fashionable atmosphere into the jewelry industry, and shapes a ever-changing life for a woman who is always free and at ease.
The extremely high hardness makes it have super abrasion resistance. It does not go with the flow, not easily change, and always maintains the original quality custom name necklace. The Mohs hardness of pure palladium is 4.8 and the Mohs hardness of pure platinum is 4.3. Obviously, the wear resistance of palladium is better.
Palladium is extremely malleable and allows designers to make their brilliant ideas a reality. Whether it is simple and thick earrings, or necklace with charms, it feels very comfortable to wear. The jewelry removes the extra heavy weight. Palladium not only brings glamorous charm to women, but also the unbelievably lightness when wearing promise rings for her.

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Silver jewelry
Silver jewelry is generally not expensive. However, it has a mysterious tension. It may not be obvious where it is placed somewhere, but when it is matched with the body, it immediately produces a different temperament and freshness. It is refined, unrestrained, mysterious and classical yin yang necklace, and intriguing (combination of fashion and classical). More importantly, the silver ornaments are bright but not ostentatious. It is most suitable to match the colorful clothes of spring. It will never conceal the beauty of the dress, but it is like a beautiful touching poem on the wrist and neck.
Professional wear is suitable for sterling silver necklaces for girlfriend with simple styles and slim shapes; casual wear is suitable for sterling silver rings with unique designs and exaggerated shapes. Silver jewelry inlaid with a variety of artificial gems (not black) is suitable for young women. The medium-long silver chain inlaid with red coral or blue turquoise is suitable for wearing on dark sweaters. At the same time, it can be matched with bracelets and earrings of the same series. It has a strong sense of leisure infinity bracelet. The silver-baked blue porcelain bracelet is elegant and generous, which belongs to the classic style that is easy to match. Silver necklaces, earrings and rings inlaid with garnet, or purple crystal, black zircon, turquoise, etc., exude a strong taste of mature women.
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