Tips to Spice up a Long-Term Relationship


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All romantic relationships have their challenges, but once you’re able to say you’re in a long-term relationship, you should know that both of you have something to be proud of. However, the more time we spend with our significant other, the thrill, excitement, and passion seem to dissipate. That doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore or call London escorts. Quite the contrary! But loving someone deeply is all the more reason to spice up your long-term relationship. There are many different ways to bring back the butterflies, romance, and spark to your life together. 

Go on a date at least twice a month

Many couples forget just how fun and exciting going on dates was when they live together for a while. And when you do get out, you probably stick to your comfort zone places and casual clothes. See where this is going? It’s time to bring back the goose bumps and charm of dating from the beginning of your relationship. After all, looking for some new and interesting places for your dates, getting ready, and seeing your significant other all glammed up will undoubtedly stir the adrenaline rush and passion once again. This new habit of going out on dates just like before will liven things up and get you to break out of the comfort zone that can soon lead to boredom. 

Go on a date at least twice a month

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Try out different spots for getting intimate

Nothing can replace the comfort of a nice bed when it comes to sex, but this is far from the only place where you can get intimate with your partner. Couples in long-term relationships have nothing to be embarrassed about, which is precisely why nothing stops you from suggesting this to your significant other. You don’t actually have to leave your home in order to have some kinky fun. Sex in the shower, on the armchair, and even table can definitely spice things up in your relationship. Even if the spot doesn’t support both of you lying down, don’t hesitate to try out some different poses as well. 

Surprise your partner with a loving gift

Instead of waiting for important dates to give something nice to your significant other, surprise them with a gift whenever you feel like it. Small gestures like these show just how much you love and appreciate having them in your life, which is a significant passion and romance booster. Flowers, books, personal cards, and other trinkets are more than enough. However, if you’ve just been looking for one amazing gift, remember that you can never go wrong with a nice watch. For instance, an elegant marble face watch is timeless and versatile, and it will also hold great sentimental value. It’s also possible to engrave it with a special message.

Engage in a new hobby together

In order to spice up your long-term relationship, the two of you should work on your own schedules and routines. If you always spend your free time together in the same manner, you should definitely try something new. Instead of watching TV or playing games, or whatever else you’ve been doing for months (and maybe even years), find an activity that none of you have tried before but both find interesting. This can be a learning course of some kind, such as art or instrument playing, or an activity such as rock climbing, ice skating, and so on. Sharing a completely new experience together is a great way to strengthen your bond even more and get your life together on a moving and exciting track again. 

Engage in a new hobby together

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Embrace the daily sweet nothings

You know I love you and I know you love me. That’s great and all couples should trust each other about this, but that doesn’t mean that you should let the romance die out completely. Actually, small romantic gestures and sweet nothings on a daily basis will only keep the flame alive. For starters, don’t miss the chance to give each other a kiss every morning before work. But it’s not all about kissing. Hugs and cuddles are also very important, not to mention the much-needed proclamations of love we all like to hear (but refuse to admit sometimes). 

It’s only natural that things won’t be the same at the beginning of a relationship compared to living together as a couple for a while. Being in a long-term relationship is wonderful but in order to maintain it longer and longer, you shouldn’t start ignoring all those things that seemed so important when you were still in the dating phase. The goal is not to return to those days, but to use the love and passion you both have for one another to spice things up over and over again.

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