Reasons You Could Be Fatigued


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Fatigue is the feeling of being perpetually tired. Do you always feel tired? Are you unable to sit through the later hours of the day because of exhaustion? Do you wake up every day feeling tired? You could be suffering from fatigue. There could be myriad reasons you could be fatigued. Examine your routine and try to find out if there is anything in your routine that you need to change. Fatigue is your body’s way of telling you that something is off and you need to take cognizance.


It could be allergies taking over. Allergies are very exhausting as they impair breathing and reduce the intake of oxygen. The only way to cure this is to stay away from the allergens or take anti-allergens. The best way is to build up immunity in natural ways. Citrus fruits have a lot of Vitamin C which keeps the rhinitis at bay.

Allergy shots which are a solution of the offending allergens can help in severe cases. This is also called immunotherapy. It creates antibodies which stave off natural allergens.

Food intolerance

Certain foods may be causing allergies which in turn cause fatigue. Experiment by cutting out certain foods in intervals to identify the allergens. If you have suddenly developed intolerance, don’t be alarmed. You can develop allergies at any time over the course of life. If you’ve lost a lot of weight or feel weak, there a possibility of parasites in your intestines. Dr. Todd Watts from explains that if you have digestive issues, unexplained muscle aches, brain fog, or weight loss, you may have parasites. Even if you’re hygienic, you could pick these up from anywhere. Maye a piece of raw meat or public washrooms are to blame, you can’t know. It is important to visit a doctor and get medication as soon as possible.

Depression and anxiety

Have you been feeling low continuously for more than a month? You may be exhibiting signs of depression. Maybe you’ve been in an emotional overdrive which has exhausted you. Either way, depression, and anxiety could be reasons you’ve been feeling fatigued. Depression reduces certain feel-good hormones in your system which reduces breaking down of fats and carbohydrates for energy. Without this energy, you’re bound to feel tired and listless. Combating this is difficult but not impossible. If you don’t want to consult a doctor you can try ways at home to elevate your mood levels. Do all the activities that gave you pleasure even if they aren’t at the moment. Eventually, you could get over your depression and anxiety without medical intervention.


This is the most common reason for fatigue amongst Americans. MOre than 3 million Americans suffer from anemia. The people most susceptible to this are women who are pregnant or have heavy menstrual cycles, uterine fibroids, and uterine polyps.

Anemia is caused by the lack of red blood cells. This could either be because of the lack of blood or your body has naturally stopped manufacturing them. Deficiencies of Iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 play a role in making you feel fatigued too. If you have prolonged bouts of fatigue, get a blood test and get the levels vitamins and minerals checked. Diabetes and kidney diseases can cause anemia too. To confirm these, your doctor will prescribe comprehensive blood tests.

Sleep apnea

Have you ever caught yourself snoring? If you have then this could be the reason for your fatigue. According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, at least one-third of Americans snore a few nights a week. If snoring is frequented with periods where breathing stops, you could feel fatigued the next day. This is called sleep apnea. When breathing stops, it reduces the flow of oxygen to the lungs because of the less air that the lungs get. When there’s less oxygen in the body, the body makes fewer red blood cells and burns fewer carbohydrates and fat. This causes chronic fatigue because of the lack of energy. Sometimes the only symptom of sleep apnea is chronic fatigue. You would need someone to monitor this for you in such cases.

If you suffer from fatigue, don’t ignore it. Find the reason why it’s happening for a number of reasons. First, you don’t need to needlessly suffer. Second, your body is trying to tell you something. Paying attention to these signs and symptoms is a wise choice to avert a bigger problem. Health is wealth.

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