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If you are a fan of Asian culture and want to visit one of the coolest travel destinations this summer, Baku is the word. Baku is a beautiful city and the capital of Azerbaijan. It lies on the crossroads of Europe and Asia and provides a perfect amalgamation of both the cultures. However, being more influenced by Asia, you will get to more glimpses of the Asian culture. A land of breathtaking architecture, Baku provides you a visual satisfaction like no other city. It

Be it honeymooners, families or solo travelers, Baku is a place serving everyone. There are a number of perks of visiting the place this year. Some of these awesome perks of a Baku tour are mentioned below:

Baku tour

  • Pocket-friendly:

Since it is an upcoming travel destination, it is quite cheap. You don’t have to worry about your budget if you are visiting Baku. Food, stay and travel are pretty cheap and you get to shop a lot. The cabs and guides that you book here to show you around the city ask for surprisingly low prices. Additionally, the good quality of stuff that you get here in exchange for a meager price will surprise you.

  • Safe:

Again, you don’t get to see a lot of tourists or even immigrants in this city. Due to this, tours in Baku are quite safe as compared to other Asian cities. The local people of Baku are very helpful and make sure to treat their guests in the best possible ways. The language of the city is different and the local people don’t let this fact come in way of their helpfulness. They might come to you and introduce them and would want to know about you. They would be curious about the places you are from and what can you teach them from your countries.

  • Historical Sight:

The city is a declared UNESCO heritage center that is preserved properly. Baku lies inside a walled surrounding that had been built for protection during the ruling period. Now it acts as a visual appeal and provides a historical touch to the entire view. You would still be able to find houses built-in the 16th or even 12th centuries. You could get an experience of the lifestyle the locals had 500 years back. To make your experience even better, you can take a walk around Icheri and take an audio guide along.

  • Caravan Serais:

Baku used to be one of the stops in the silk routes, the route which was used by nomads to travel in Asia in search of trade and opportunities. An evening in the inns and hotels of this route that are known as caravanserais would tell you a thousand stories of that time. The architecture of the inns has still not been changed and some have been kept safe to date.

  • Heydar Aliyev Center:

A gift from the queen of organic architecture Zaha Hadid, Baku has an explicit building that looks like an Arabic character. It adds taste and value to the city scape of Baku and has been attracting tourists from all around the world. The center shelters some local cultures. You would be able to spend at least half of your day just looking at this building piece of architecture.

Final words:

Baku is a tourist destination perfect for any kind of vacation. Visit the city to make the most out of your holidays and spend some peaceful time amidst the Arabs. Fall in love with the delicacy and culture of Azerbaijan and dig on to some interesting parts of history. To know more about the tour, visit the official website of Baku City Tours today.

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