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Tent is the most crucial part of your camping tour and hence you need to invest in the best and high quality tent to sleep at night and use for shelter when weather outside is no favourable. Tents are basically considered as your home away from away and with best camping tent you can have the feeling of safety and comfort all the time. When you are looking for the best and new tent for your next camping trip, Canvas Tent must always be your favourite and top choice.

Canvas Tents are the great choice for a variety of good reasons. It may look dated, but still it is a popular choice and re-designed to excel in all weather conditions while camping outdoor. They are stronger and ultra durable and available in different designs shapes and sizes. But you need to make the selection carefully after considering some important factors mentioned below.

Size of the Tent

The very first element that is worth considering when buying the high quality canvas tents is the size of the tent. To choose the right size you need to determine the number of people in the camping trip. The capacity of the tent depends on the dimensions and size. The size of the tent will let you know how wide, long, tall the tent is and how many people it can accommodate, while keeping the other essential and belongings safe inside. So, it is completely your decision to make the right choice in the tent size. You need to choose the size of the tent based on the number of people you want to accommodate inside the tent.

The canvas tents are designed very compact and small and has limited space to accommodate multiple campers. There are some brands that design larger canvas tents that include head rooms and can accommodate multiple people comfortably.

Weight of the Canvas Tents

The size and weight of the canvas tents also affect the decision in which design you must settle. Ensure to check the pack size of the tent and ensure that it is easy to carry and tow to the camp site without straining your body. You also need to keep in mind the available space in your truck or car and make the selection of the tent accordingly.

Apart from the packed size, you also need to check the overall weight of the packed tent. You need to check how heavy the tent is when carrying it along with other accessories. Accessories include rope for guy lines, tent poles, tent floor tent stakes and more. The total weight of the tent will be affected by the size of the packed tent as well as material. Canvas is basically the heaviest material and when it is folded or rolled it become extremely heavy without the poles. So, prior to making the purchase you always need to check the total weight of the canvas tents and ensure that it lightweight and weigh between 50 pounds to 70 pounds along with accessories.

Stability of Tent

Another important factor to keep in mind when buying Canvas Tent is the stability. It might be the temporary home for you while camping, but it needs to be stable in its structure to offer you a safe home away from home. Most of the high quality tents are very stable, especially when the tent poles are correctly installed with guy-lines. The tent pole must be durable and stronger to bear its weight and keep the tension of canvas in right spot to avoid sagginess and tearing of the seams.

Water Resistance

You are not aware how the weather will be when camping outdoors and hence you have to check the water resistance feature of the tent you are intending to purchase. The tent made out of high quality cotton canvas tends to offer you ultimate accommodation facility all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The best canvas tents are designed to tolerate all weather conditions including cold, rain, windy, hot, sunny and snowy. The canvas material is durable and can tolerate all environments regardless of the weather conditions.

So, these were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when buying canvas tents.

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