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Now everyone knows the importance of a website for their own business. The benefits of a website are so much that any business cannot resist building a website for their organization. They also know the functionality of the website in their business.

For developing the best website for your business, WordPress is the best technology to develop your website in a better way. WordPress is a popular content management system. WordPress doesn’t just help you build a website but also provides developers with more custom needs. 

Most WordPress development companies suggest choosing a WordPress CMS platform instead of choosing other platforms for web development. There is a reason behind selecting the CMS platform because it takes care of essential things such as security, SEO optimization, content management. Speeds up this task as it is the most vital part of web app development. 

Here in this blog, you will come to know about some of the famous plugins that can help you in WordPress web development.

What are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress plugin is the cluster of functionalities that the WordPress firm offers. It can be an extended association of software or can also provide extra features to your website. WordPress web developers use PHP computer language to build WordPress plugins. 

A plugin is nothing but just a set of code that performs a particular job, even without knowing a single line of code. We can also install/uninstall the plugins from the WordPress website. 

WordPress developers use these plugins whenever they need them in their WordPress websites. Let us consider given below plugins that are some of the famous plugins. 

Most Popular Plugins:

  • Akismet
  • Contact form 7
  • All in one SEO/ Yoast SEO
  • W3 total cache/ WP super cache
  • Wordfence security
  • Google XML sitemap
  • Good captcha plugin for WordPress comments, login, registration, etc

There are various plugins in the market for WordPress web development, but these are the most popular and most used plugins. Therefore, these plugins should be used by every WordPress web developer as per their requirement. 


Akismet is a by default plugin that comes along with WordPress installation. This is so because we can understand the importance of Akismet.

In this social media world, spam or fake comments can create a negative impact on your website. This plugin helps us to stop this kind of spam comment. It is a type of spam filtering plugin. It automatically filters all the spam contents from comments, contact forms, etc. Akismet has the ability to delete all the spam comments and junk comments.

The great part about this plugin is that it has over 5 million active installations depending on the download count. By this, we can trust them and install them on our website without thinking much. 

This plugin is free to download, other than the basic site we have to subscribe to for the paid plans based on the purpose of the site, such as commercial sites and multistage large network websites. 

We can use this plugin by creating an account on the Akismet website; from here, we can also choose the level of our website based on which we can purchase the Akismet key. If we have a personal site, they provide a free Akismet key once we register to this plugin. 

Contact Form 7

To connect the anxious person of the organization or owner of the team. Every website needs to have its contact form or page. In simple words, website developers have to develop a code for contact form execution, but in WordPress, developers don’t have to worry about that. WordPress also provides a plugin for that designers need to use the contact form 7 plugin. 

This contact form can build customer’s trust in the website. In addition, users can have some queries or doubts regarding the website that can be solved by contacting the company or the developer. 

It is a widely used plugin that helps users integrate contact forms into the website. This plugin also has more than 5 million installations. It provides you options from simple or basic forms to complex forms; one can also customize multiple field forms. 

We can install this plugin from the WordPress repository. Once you install the plugin, we can create and design different forms.

 All in One SEO/ Yoast SEO

SEO plays a vital role in business marketing. There are mainly 2 popular plugins that play an essential role in SEO. Every website must install any of these plugins along with code standards that are recommended by SEO.

Once you have installed this plugin, you can manage or modify titles, tags, descriptions of the website, and individual posts. For every individual post, we can set a separate title, tags, description for SEO. 

If nothing is added as a separate title or post title, a description can be taken for SEO purposes. You can also enhance your content correctly; you can also skip the extra XML sitemap plugins.

In this plugin, both the free and paid versions are available. The free version itself provides basic features. The free version is suitable to develop an essential SEO-friendly website. The advanced version offers customized options like adding key phrases, a social media sharing page, customization, and much more. 

W3 Total Cache/ WP Super Cache

In recent studies by experts, they have researched that if a site takes more than 5 seconds to load, there are the chances to lose the customers because no one likes to wait for the page to load in this busy life. So, according to this study, optimization is directly related to how user-friendly your website is and how much time it takes to load. 

Developing a website is the easiest thing in WordPress, but enhancing is the most challenging task for WordPress web development. If your WordPress website contains more images, videos, and content, but you haven’t kept in mind the user experience, and website loading time, it is not worth developing such a website. Because if your website is not user-friendly and slow, no one will like to access your website.  

Here are the two types of solutions for this kind of optimization that is W3 total cache/ WP super cache. You can install any of the plugins after the customization is completed. 

Wordfence Security

The word Wordfence is itself popular among WordPress developers who all are concerned with security. Wordfence provides better protection and a Malware scanner. Every web developer should worry about the safety of their web app while developing the website against cyber theft. 

When developers know that someone else logged into the admin panel many times, in such cases, they can even block that particular person through an IP address. He can also set different parameters from the plugin settings to block anyone who is trying to log in to the admin panel.

The plugins also provide them to see how many IPs he has blocked and how many attempts they made. It is worth using the premium version of the plugin if you are concerned more with security.

Google XML Sitemap

If your website is not ranking on Google, it might cause a serious problem with the google sitemap. Google XML sitemap plugin enables the developers to develop a sitemap most simply. So that google can quickly scroll and go through your website, that will help to rank your website in search results. 

Google XML sitemap plugin will create an XML sitemap that is based on the links of the website. It will develop an XML based on our posts and pages. This can contribute a lot to SEO because it helps us to identify our pages in google quickly. 

The plugins also provide us with different options from where we can choose other conditions to make the XML sitemap, like links to exclude or include titles, tags, descriptions, etc. We can even submit specific URLs, if any, or links separately. 

Good captcha plugins for WordPress comments, login, registration, etc

Almost every WordPress developer knows a captcha’s concern that will help maintain security and develop a reliable website.

For developing forms, it is important to add some captcha; otherwise, any bot can destroy your website with a simple form. Therefore, it is always essential to use some captcha plugin on the login page of WordPress admin.

You can install any of the plugins you want to and secure your contact forms and login forms.   


Here are all the plugins for WordPress web development that you can use for developing the web app. All these plugins are free or paid based on their features and functionalities. 

You can also develop a WordPress website with the help of any WordPress development company. I hope you will like this blog and get information about the plugins.

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