6 Common UI/UX Design Problems and Solutions

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What do you think when you listen to mobile application designs? Probably a creative UI/UX designer behind the curtains. In 2021, almost every mobile app is designed by UI/UX design ranging from smartphones to iPhones.  UI/UX design is evolving their strengths due to their credibility and skills to date. 

UI/UX contains numerous pros and cons in the development process. An innovative and intelligent UI/UX designer knows what users want to see in interfaces and converts them into buying customers.

Still, UI/UX design is a vast field that refers to the primary and major elements that could be worse or impeccable according to the designer’s skills. There are countless problems UI/UX designers face during interface development phases and never reach out the actual issues and lacks they are missing for ages in UI/UX interfaces. 

Who is good UI/UX DESIGNERS?

Creative and potential UI/UX designers always know every aspect regarding their fantastic interfaces. They see the color schemes, CTA’s, designs, shapes, and other essentials in UI/UX designing. They constantly sought out the problems and then created their interfaces according to the user’s requirements to make their interfaces jaw-dropping. A professional UI/UX design can do wonders in your interfaces with his excellent skills and creativity.

Major Problems and Solutions Of UI/UX Design

There are some significant blunders UI/UX designers intend to do regularly. It lacks their creativity and represents their unprofessional behavior to the digital markets. The next few lines dare to reveal the 6 most common problems UI/UX designers make and their solutions to fix them perfectly. 

1. Problem: Mobile Layout Illiteracy

The new mobile users worldwide grew by 97 million in the last year. UI/UX designers always intend to develop their interfaces with creativity; still, they never dare to check out their layouts for various mediums such as mobiles and tabs. They come up with excellent interfaces, yet their interfaces look bad on mobile phones. The problem represents countless misunderstandings, and users encounter terrible user experiences due to UI/UX designers. 

Solution: Affix Your Layouts for Mobiles

UI/UX designers need to fix their layouts for every screen, such as mobiles, tab, and desktop. They need to ensure that the interfaces look good and perfect on every screen to ease the users. They should never ignore their interfaces for mobile layouts. 5.27 Billion people are utilizing phones, and it would be so intimidating to miss this massive user base due to bad UI/UX interface development. Every interface should design perfectly and with creative elements, even for mobiles, to represent the professionalism and creativity of UI/UX designers.


The second major problem is poor writing lacks for the features included in the interfaces.  UI/UX designers never intend to write a clever script for interfaces. Users always tolerate puzzled experiences due to bad writing. Even their CTA’s are not punchy, and users never intend to buy something. Brands can face a broad amount of loss due to wrong writing tricks.

Solution: Hire a UI/UX Writer

UI/UX designers badly need to hire a creative UI/UX writer who can write the appropriate and clever copies of interfaces. UI/UX writers can fix all the UI/UX interface copies and put immense creativity into making your interfaces more alluring and impressive. They can write encouraging and converting CTA’s for the interfaces. Brands need to focus on their interface copies to generate organic leads through impressive copies that dare to grab the customers shortly.

3.  Problem: Put CTA’s to Exact Area

The next major problem refers to the wrong indications of CTA’s. Sometimes, designers put the CTA’s in the wrong places regarding interfaces. They never know where to put CTA’s to grab the eyes and convert users into buying customers. They also come up with bad color choices for the CTA’s, making their interfaces worse and inferior to the user’s sight. 

Solution: Use Your Color Wisely

UI/UX designers need to utilize their creative eyes, especially in their interface designs. They should use the correct and alluring color schemes for the CTA to grab the user’s attention. CTA is the backbone, and if you lack over your CTA regarding sizes, shapes, placements, and colors, you can lose the game. As a designer, you need to utilize color wisely to make things more beneficial and eye-catchy. 

4.  Problem: Complete the Journey Of Q/A

The most significant problems UI/UX designers face due to their incomplete journey of Q/A. They come up with their perspective and thoughts while designing their interfaces. They create their interfaces without knowing users’ significant problems and hurdles to make their user experience more impressive and stunning. 

Solution: Know the User’s Persona

UI/UX designers need to know the core problems of users to make their experience creative. They badly need to see the user’s persona individually. They need to fix user’s problems and know their expectations with innovative solutions by knowing everyone’s perspective and thoughts. After collecting all the persona, designers should add the features according to the user’s expectations. It makes their interfaces more intuitive and unbeatable because of little hard work on persona. 

5.  Problem: No Feedback Option

Some UI/UX designers never intend to add the feedback box in their interfaces. They never thought it could be their massive destruction shortly. They can never know the customer’s core values and problems without acceptable and beneficial feedback. 

Solution: Add the Feedback Section

Feedbacks can allow you to fix things you never tried to think of to secure their interfaces. People always leave their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in feedback sections. UI/UX designers can read all their feedback and work on those ideas to make their interfaces according to the phenomenal user experience. 

6.  Problem: Lack of Prototypes

UI/UX designers never take prototypes seriously and always intend to send still images of their interfaces to the clients. Clients cannot see the actual animation and movement of the interface’s core areas and pages. It creates massive problems when the client experiences the real interfaces made by the UI/UX designers. They face hurdles and ruin their mutual understanding.

Solution: Come Up with Creative Prototypes

A good UI/UX designer always comes up with creative prototypes to satisfy their clients through creative Ui.ui design. They share the various prototypes with the clients from time to time, such as animation, pages, and character prototypes. There are several tools to share prototypes, such as ADOBE XD and FIGMA. Good UI/UX designers always use forehead languages such as HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and CSS to share their interface links even in the development phase, not to experience the hurdles later. 


UI/UX design is everywhere, ranging from high-cost UI/UX design to low-cost UI/UX design. Still, brands need to find creative and flawless UI/UX designers who know all the common problems users face during intertwining with interfaces and fix those issues shortly. These tips could save a lot of UI/UX designers time and enhance their professionalism and creativity. Now they can come up with out-of-the-box UI/UX design to fulfill user demands and spark up the interfaces smartly.

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