New Technology in Indian Railways and How can you Prepare for RRB?


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Indian Railways are now going to work on such a technology. Due to which the appearance of the railway is going to change. Railways are moving towards the same technology. The Railway Board will install Hotel Load Generation System in all LHB coaches by October. This technology will remove power car generators from trains. Due to this, by October, more than four lakh additional berths will be arranged for passengers in trains. Due to this technology, Railways will save Rs. 6000 crore on fuel annually. At the same time, the level of environmental pollution will also be reduced by this technique.

According to experts, the implementation of Hotel Load Generation (HLG) system in LHB coaches will supply power from the engine of the train. With this power supply, AC, light and other equipment can be run in the coach. At present, two power car generators are installed in the front and rear of the train for power supply. HOG technology will remove the power car generator. In their place, the Railways will be able to install coaches of AC-2 or AC-3 as per the demand of the passengers.

What’s the Plan?

According to railway officials, by October 2019, more than 5000 rail coaches will work on the new technology. This not only enables vehicles to shed their power cars and make way for more coaches, but a power car also needs 40 liters of diesel per hour in a non-AC coach, while an AC coach needs 65-70 liters. Diesel is needed.

With this, four to five and a half lakh additional berths will be available to passengers in more than 3500 thousand long-distance trains. Railways will earn extra in terms of passenger fares. Apart from this, the Railways will save Rs 6000 crore annually by avoiding diesel-burning in power car generators. At the same time, generators will be saved from damage to the environment. The Railway Board has succeeded in making LHB coaches with HOG after making them jerk free.

Can we get Jobs in Railways for this technology?

For this new technology, RRB can release many vacancies for the job seekers. So, all you need to do is stay updated with the railway news so that you can get the chance of getting a better future in Indian Railway jobs. In the event that you do a start to finish examination of the request of the last 5-10 years asked in any test, you will wind up aware of the paper plan and your assurance level will addition and you will know your inadequacies extraordinary. When you settle the old question paper and complete it in the test time limit. After you comprehend, survey your off-kilter answer and right answer and give the number. To disclose to you where you are frail and on what subject you have to lock-in.

Standard scrutinizing won’t make you feel bubble palatable and you can complete the test’s agreeing plan now and again. We should peruse for 7 to 8 hours of the day. In case we are not prepared to peruse for 7 to 8 hours of the day, we should compensate for the day when we have decreased it, we ought to inspect 42 hours consistently and 6 hours out of each day all around.

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