How to apply for higher education in Canada?


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Since you have taken the decision to study in Canada, you have to find out how and what you have to do. There are many things that you have to be careful about before you make any move. You should:

Choose an Institution

You have to determine what you would like to study and also where. You can go through the Directory of Canadian Universities and begin your exploration. It encompasses profiles of institutions and listings of the programs they have for you. You might also want to research individual university websites. Aconvenient way to access those is via the Universities Canada website  It encompasses a searchable database of the study programs that are discovered in the directory.

Remember that it is significant to find out as much as you can about the specific institutions you might be considering. You have to be prudent about the community they are in, to ensure that you make the finest possible choice. There is no need to hesitate to contact officials who tackle with international students at the universities you are interested in and to ask all the questions. Also, make sure you do give yourself abundant of time to apply and to get the study permit.

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Prepare and submit your application

Once you have identified your preferred universities, you have to look for their websites what the specific admission requirements are and what the application procedure do entail. Application rules differ across institutions.

Do you fulfil the requirements related to language?

International students in Canada have to display proficiency in either English or that of French, relying on the university they apply to. Many English-language universities do demand that you achieve a minimum score on a standardized language test like CELPIP. And French-language universities generally measure applicants on a case-by-case basis.You can check out CELPIP Test Dates and apply for this test to take it. The test is a necessity for you to get a VISA to Canada for your studies. Moreover, the scores you get in this test would ensure your spot in a good university or college.

What is application process for studying in Canada?

Application procedure does differ by province. In some provinces, students can easily apply through a central application service. In others, the candidates have to apply directly to the university. You might also wish to apply to more than one program or university if you are not admitted to your foremost choice.

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Here remember that the deadlines vary, but generally, you must apply at least eight to twelve months in advance. In a typical sense, entry points for international students are September and January semesters. However, various universities are there that have a “rolling admissions” process to consider international students across the year.You have to check out what type of procedure is there in your university.


Thus, once you keep in mind all these things and make the right moves, nobody can stop you from studying in Canada.

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