Long-Haul Flights: Best First Class Flights For Couples!


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Every passengers wants to travel long haul flights only while travelling with the first class. As there are large number of in-flight options are available which provide luxury and comfort too.  Ranging from designer amenity kits, dinning option, drinks, cabin area, private seats and cabin with world class technology based gadgets and many more.

Every passengers wants to save bucks on first class, if you really want to grab money saving deals then book cheap air tickets from USA to India with us. Here are some airlines which will fly from USA to India with the in flight entertainment options and amenities. So hurry up now plan a happy and romantic trip to India in affordable rates.

Things To consider while Booking Long-Haul Flights

Flight Duration:

Passengers love to flying with the long duration flights or connecting flights. But both of two are equally provide good service.

Aircraft Layout:

The flights which have downstairs and upstairs, you can book according to your preference. So before booking with the Airbus or any other flights, first consider about the aircraft layout.

Seating Configuration:

If you are planning with the first class, check out the seating chart before booking.

Meal Service:

Mostly the first class treat you well. But sometimes few airlines will provide you elevated experience in the food department. So before booking with any of the airlines, first enquire regarding food and wine matches.


While travelling with the long haul flight, various expensive designer products are available. In the first class cabin, airlines provide proper amenity kits which contain toothbrush, lip balm, moisturizer, ear plugs and eye mask too. Even some of the airline is care about your comfort, that;s why they provide pajamas which will provide you comfort while travelling with the long haul flights.


Before booking with any of the airlines, read online reviews which will help in picking the best one option.

Few Best First-Class Flights

Cathay Pacific:

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Travellers in First Class: 6

Seating Configuration:

The seating plan of this airline consists 2 rows if 1-1-1. The two seats of the left side are private instead of right side and middle seats share an area or passage.

Suite Info:

The suites of this airline are open which contains fully flat bed and the seating space is about 81 inches. And the width of the seat is 36 inches.


The amenity kit is provided by this airline which have necessary items, pajama not include. But the lounging attire is too nice and comfortable.

In-flight Meals:

You can enjoy in flight meals just by ordering to the cabin crew. Various food options are available like hot and toasted bread, cooked breakfast, rice and many more. And the non alcoholic drinks like cranberry juice, sour plum tea and honey lemon rose water.

Unique Touches:

In-flight entertainment services like 18.5-inch HD screen with new video handset to browse entertainment.

Singapore Airlines:

Aircraft: Airbus A380-800

Travellers in First Class: 12 suites

Seating Configuration:

The seat layout has four rows. Rows 2 and 3 are configured 1-2-1 while rows 1 and 4 only have window suites.

Suite Info:

The suites are enclosed with the sliding doors and have seating space about 81 inches with window blinds. The width of the seats are 35 inches which will become fully flat bed.


The Ferragamo amenity kit is availablewith the number of items.

In-flight Meals:

With this airline you can pre-book your main course before 24 hours of the departure of the flight. The meals contains filet of veal in Pommery mustard sauce,artichoke-tomato crusted loin of lamb, or suckling pig with a dark beer sauce.

Unique Touches:

This airlines provide you 1,000 entertainment options which contains music, movies, apps, games, television programs. In your cabin there is a 23-inch personal LCD with Bose noise-canceling headphones. Even the internet facility is also available.


AircraftBoeing 777 aircraft

Travellers in First Class14 Suites

Seating Configuration:

There is a fully-enclosed private suites which has 1-1-1 seat layout configuration.

Suite Info

The private suites are enclosed with the sliding doors and enhanced with the smart and advanced technologies. It will provide luxury and comfort to the passengers.

The soft leather seats become fully flat bed which can be set in a “zero-gravity” position.


Airline offers amenity kits which have luxury By redo skincare collection, Hydra Active moisturizing pajamas&Bulgari amenity kits.

In-flight Meals

Passengers can enjoy demanding dining service. You can select according to your preference which is cooked by the chefs. You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks like champagnes, and wines.

Unique Touches

A32-inch Full HD LCD TV screen is available in the private cabin, with the Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones.

These are best airlines which from USA to India. These will definitely make your trip amazing while travelling with the first class so hurry up book cheap air tickets from USA to India with us.

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