How To Spend Three Days in the Streets of Delhi


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World most popular city and India’s capital, Delhi. Whenever,you visit Delhi you will find a new hidden face of it. Marketplaces are filled with hustling – bustling crowd. But, still Delhi serves you the best colors, aroma and locality. If you love to travel then be sure to add Delhi in your bucket list. Spend your few days midst the chaos of city. Dallas to Delhi cheap flights are offering you the best traveling experience. Make your booking at the last minutes from us.

Day one : Old Delhi

Don’t get confused when someone talks about New Delhi and Old Delhi. Both are the two different versions of Delhi. Let’s take you towards the ancient beauty of Delhi. Old Delhi was founded by the Mughal Emperor. The streets here are overcrowded and congested and little bit uncomfortable for you. But, this is the best way to get the best experience of ‘Real India’. Try to travel in a rickshaw and ask your driver to guide you throughout the way. Here, you will get the magnificent view of Red Fort. Once it was a home of Mughal Emperors. But, due to it’s beautiful fortified structure it has become an amazing tourist place. You can roam around the Red Fort and walk along the ramp and feel the historical venture through your veins. To explore it’s inner beauty you have to pay some amount and buy a ticket. After getting the panoramic view of Red Fort the ‘Azaan’ of Jama Masjid will soon attract you. It is the religious place of Muslim deities and had increased the Islamic influence. It is among the world largest Mosque in the world. During Jumma evenings and the month of Ramjaan’s Jama Masjid becomes something totally different and enchanting.

Day Two: The Taj Mahal

On the very next day, don’t let your excitement go down due to Old Delhi busiest traveling. Today, you are going to see the beautiful epitome of love, Taj Mahal. Among the seven wonders of world, Taj Mahal had reserved a special place in the hearts of travelers. The view of Taj Mahgal fills the humans with serenity. It seems very easy to travel a long way from Old Delhi to Agra but in reality it can be very hectic. So, hire a taxi which is a good economical option while traveling with your friends. Taj Mahal is a very crowded place due to it’s prominence. It keeps open from sunrise to sunset. It gives the overwhelming views during sunrise, sunset and in a full moon night. So, try to catch the best glimpses of Taj merged with the natural beauty. Huge line, tiring schedule and the crowd can create a sort of boredom. But, don’t be get disappointed so soon. As, there is a way to save your time. So, rather than standing in a long queue you can hire a travel guide and can easily make your entrance toward the most exotic, captivating architectural piece. Once you are in, explore the enchanting beauty of Taj Mahal. If you are traveling without a tour guide than do the research work yourself and had a great time there with your love ones.

Day Third: New Delhi

Whether, you are a shopping maniac or hard core foodie. You can do the thrift shopping and explore the best street food in the market. New Delhi as compared to Old Delhi is well organized, it was designed by Britishers. The jaw dropping beauty of Akshardham Temple is the symbol of Hindu religious belief. It has a very enchanting architectural view. There is always a huge rush of Hindu devotees. After, roaming throughout the place, if you are not that much tired. Then, spend some special moments within the cool breeze of Lodhi Garden.

These three days trip will leave you with so many questions and pleasant memories. The India’s beautiful culture and the tradition will leave a lasting impression. Where as, the poverty in the inner areas will make you sort of emotional. It will make you thoughtful toward human life and encourage you to live your life to the fullest.

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