How to Be a Better Project Manager?


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Typically, a project manager has tons of work to run a project successfully. Their duties involve estimation, creating project plans, supervising the progress and scope, organizing project meetings. 

Worth mentioning, one of the most vital responsibilities of a project manager is to manage relations between the client and his team members and keeping their morale as high as possible. 

Best Tips for Becoming a Better Project Manager

Here are a few tips on how you can become a better project manager and organize the project as well as the members and clients efficiently.

1. Set Objectives and Re-evaluate them Regularly

As a project manager, one should first lay down some objectives, according to which the planning needs to be done. If you have nothing set, planning and management can become tedious work. 

Set SMART objectives and always be aware of what you are working on. Once you have the goals in front of you, executing them will become easier. Evaluate the progress of your project to see its rate of success.  

2. Keep a Note of Everything 

Keep a Note of Everything.png

To be a better project manager, you will be bombarded with loads of information and sometimes, you may have to multitask. In that case, do not try to keep everything in mind because it is not possible to memorize every intricate detail. To make it organized, carry your diary with you at all times. 

Write down each and every detail on it or on a digital space. Make this a habit from the start since this acts as an amazing reference if ever you need to go back and check out the details.  

3. Employ Consistent Estimation Process

No matter what process of project management you employ as a project manager, do not forget to use the exact process for other projects. Using a consistent estimation process will ensure smooth working, without any confusion with your team members or your client. 

4. Use Supplemental Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

If your company is an established one, it probably has already invested in a particular project management tool for its project manager. These tools are used in estimation, delegation, and scheduling the different phases of a project management process. If this is not already available to you, you can always use a smaller supplemental tool to become a better project manager. 

Several PM tools are available on the market today, including Evernote, InVision, Slack and GatherContent. These help in improving communication and collaboration among the team members in several spheres of the project. 

5. Assign Work Properly According to Capabilities

The best project manager knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team members. And it is extremely essential to assign work or projects to members who are capable enough to run the project as smoothly as possible, without compromising time, effort, and money.  

For instance, if the project is about developing a website, the project manager will require delegating the work to a web developer or designer of the team. But even when you think you are making the right decision, you might go wrong while delegating your project work to others. Just hire the right people and have faith in them while assigning tasks. It is important to make your team feel content and satisfied working for you. 

6. Communication is the key 

team communication

The best project managers always ensure that the plan or the strategy is well defined and explained to every member of his team. Your team should be completely aware of what you are expecting from them. And this can be done only through proper communication. 

To ensure if your team has understood the features of your project, present the project plan in front of everyone and ask them for agreement with it. If any of them raises questions or pushbacks, listen with the utmost attention and clear their queries. About the agreement, do not take verbal feedbacks but get them in writing.

7. Be Practical and Reliable 

Be practical and Reliable

Practicality, reliability, and transparency are the 3 main qualities every project manager should possess while planning and executing their work. Honesty is the best policy, so do not lie just to attract the clients or to get the most out of your team members. 

Always be practical when it comes to fixing timelines and producing estimates. If your client is expecting you to complete the project that takes 6 weeks, to be done in 3 weeks, you should straightaway disagree with him, instead of lying and then fail to submit the work. 

Additionally, you can explain to your client why you will require more than the stipulated time. If your client has hired you, it is probably because of your brains and not your hands, so, they might just appreciate your honesty and practicality. 

8. Possess Organizational Skills

Every project manager should be reliable, detailed, and well-organized. The clients and team members rely too much on the project manager which keeps the project move smoothly. For this to happen, the work must be well-documented and organized. Be approachable and proactively helpful toward every member. 

9. Work Smart, Not Hard 

This motto applies to everyone and not just managers. Improvement of efficiency levels is very important since you want to get the project done in the shortest time possible and using fewer resources. Keep a record of all the successful performances so that you can browse them for future projects, be more efficient and not repeat mistakes. 

10. Conduct Frequent Meetings

Communication Should Be Open and Transparent.png

The best manager regularly checks on everyone and gets them involved by holding meetings. Agreement, feedbacks, and opinions should always flow in from not only the clients but also the team members. This helps in better communication and checking if everyone is on the same page regarding the final outcome of the project.

11. Always Prepare a Plan B

Be a savior in the time of need! Keep a backup plan ready at all times if something were to change the track of your current plan. Your client expects to receive valuable project work from you and there is no way you can compromise on that just because something did not go according to your plan. Be flexible and make the necessary transitions as much as possible if the current plan fails.


To sum up, there is no denying the fact that project managers have quite a challenging yet rewarding career who helps in clarifying business goals and also increase the revenue of the company. The duties of a PM are endless and one should keep learning and practice on how to become a better project manager because there is no end to it.

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