Know the Essential Management Skills Vital for Handling Projects


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According to a study, around 80% of top-priority projects are managed by certified project managers.

Thus, there has been a high demand for such project managers with companies, and project management as a professional discipline among individuals. For that matter, PMP certification training educates students.

Besides, it also provides them with various real-life scenarios to manage projects while working for an organisation.

Therefore, there are specific skills that project managers must possess, and develop during their training.

  1. Judicious thinking

Most individuals prefer sticking to a particular template while handling projects. However, project managers cannot afford following pre-set methods for heading tasks. This is because every project requires a different approach.

Therefore, individuals involved in a project must give every associated aspect ample focus before setting out on a plan. In fact, rational thinking takes the project halfway to completion.

  1. Scheduling

Project managers must also be able to design and follow a tight schedule to ensure proper execution of a project. Therefore, after they’ve evaluated the project on various parameters, they must first set an order in which tasks have to be completed.

For scheduling, managers use specific tools, the most significant of which is MS Project.

This MS Project helps them in two ways:

  • Estimation of the duration involved in various tasks.
  • Interdependencies of the tasks and their overall impact on the project.

Therefore, in addition to relying on their methods for devising a schedule, project managers might do well take assistance from a Gantt chart.

  1. Risk Management

Planning a project also involves considerable risk. Managers must also be able to identify and control the risks involved in various stages of a project. The likelihood of success of a project depends on the risk-taking and risk managing abilities of a project manager.

The element of risk management also includes handling unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, project managers would need to have their projects in a situation wherein they can weather these situations.

  1. Budgeting and Cost Management

Projects with poor cost management turn out to be utter failures. Most importantly, organisations will provide a tight financial allowance for projects. Therefore, project managers shall have to operate efficiently within those constraints.

This, in turn, means:

  • Planners will have to prepare a budget.
  • They will also have to control and manage the costs beginning right from project initiation to execution.
  1. Communication

Managers also have to ensure proper communication throughout the different project stages. Not only do they have to communicate with their team, but they also have to make sure that members are collaborating within themselves. Intercommunication amongst project team members is essential for completing a project efficiently.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is yet another attribute that project managers must have. In other words, project managers must be flexible enough to adapt themselves to changing situations. Work environments in real life are constantly changing, and hence, project managers need to adjust accordingly.

Also, they must also induce the ability of change in their team members. A team that adapts well to every situation is ultimately considered to be a successful team.

Therefore, for project managers to be good leaders, they must possess a few essential attributes that would help them handle their projects better.


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