Having a Lot of Clothes? Here’s a Way to Manage Your Small Closet


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Since traditional times, closets are a great source to organize things. However, they never have enough space, no matter how much volume they cover in your home. This is what anyone with a lot of clothes will probably say. So, we have got a few steps up our sleeve to get you out of that mess. 

Mess! Isn’t it the word you dread? For some people, even if you have scattered stuff all around, they don’t even notice. But for the other portion, it’s something intolerable. But here talk to the former group that doesn’t even realize how comfortable their life can be. Go through all these steps to manage all the space in your wardrobe. 

The Art of Managing a Closet

It’s about categorizing clothes that need to be folded or hung. Also, you need to take care of the shoes, boots, bags and other accessories. So, let’s get to the point now.

  • Folding Clothes

All the knitted items in your wardrobe should be folded to avoid any bumps made by the hangers. Especially if you have got deep shelves, you can easily stack all your sweaters, blouses, and t-shirts. 

Then comes the use of the drawers. To save some space, you need to stack clothes vertically. The traditional way was to do it horizontally, which didn’t make full use of the area. Then comes the type called an open shelving system. Here, avoid stacking your clothes in large tumbles. 

Pro tip – always remember to fold your underwear even if you have extra shelving. 

  • Hanging Clothes

For any wardrobe to be aligned effectively, you should have a second closet rod above the primary one. Also, it would help if you had some solid wood hangers to keep your clothes sustainable. Hanging clothes is for the ones that don’t need folding and can withstand hanger bumps. Also, your closet hangers should match with each other to make the whole closet look nice. 

However, for different clothes, the type of hangers can be different. For example, a skirt needs tiered hangers to keep it brand new always. Then come the natural wood hangers that do not catch rust. Also, you can go for smooth rubber grip hangers, but rubber is not a very sustainable material. 

  • Keeping Bags

The bags can not lose their shape, so what we suggest is to stuff some tissues to keep them filled. Keep the bags on the shelf rather than hanging them on closet hangers. Next, to avoid overstretching the bag that doesn’t give them the expected life. Also, for the bags you don’t use very often, use a drawer and slide them deep into it. There’s no harm in keeping your clothes inside the bag as well. 

  • Other Accessories

Accessories like scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, ties, belts, ear-rings, and cosmetics are all best for another drawer. However, not every accessory can fit into it. Scarves that are best when folded. The ties should be kept in their packaged box, and belts should be rolled and kept in the drawer. For all your cosmetics, create a separate space. The hats can be kept above those stacks of clothes that you don’t use very often. 

The bottom line is that you need patience and a whole lot of vision to keep your closet organized. However, it doesn’t need much effort and you can do it within half an hour. Make sure you have all though necessary items for closet organization. 

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