A Guide for Fleet Operators: How to Keep Your Drivers Safe

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As the operator of a professional vehicle fleet, keeping your driving workforce safe from harm should be one of your top priorities. You are urged to perform this task to the best of your ability for a number of crucial reasons. One, keeping your drivers safe is the right thing to do; two, showcasing the fact that you take this task seriously will be sure to have a profound positive effect on your reputation; and three, shielding your workers from road-based dangers will be sure to boost their morale and, in turn, their overall level of productivity. A safe driver is a happy driver… and a happy driver is a lot more efficient than a disgruntled one.

Want to find out what you must do to keep your drivers safe? If so, be sure to read on and heed the advice laid out in the article below.

1. Invest in Cutting-edge Tech Tools

Today, if you aren’t taking full advantage of the cutting-edge safety tech that you have at your disposal, you won’t have the capacity to provide your drivers with a comprehensive level of road-based protection. 

There are a whole host of top tech tools out there just waiting to be utilized by fleet operators like yourself, one of which being the Mobileye 8 Connect collision avoidance system. This technological solution will provide your drivers with real-time collision warnings. These visual and audio alerts will make your workers more aware of the dangers that surround them, which in turn will help them to steer clear of hazardous situations going forward.

2. Properly Maintain your Vehicles

As well as investing in safety technology, it’s also highly recommended that you make a conscious effort to properly maintain your fleet of vehicles. By tending to your cars, bikes, vans, and trucks on a regular basis, you will have the capacity to unearth minor vehicle issues before they manifest into fully-fledged safety hazards.

Vehicle maintenance need not be a long, arduous, or costly endeavor. For advice on how to stay on top of this all-important task, click here.

3. Reward Driver Safety

If your workers feel compelled to drive in a safe manner, they will be far more likely to avoid dangerous road-based situations. You are advised, then, to actively provide your drivers with a reason to heed your safety advice. One of the best ways to do this is to reward them for safe driving.

There are a number of perks and benefits that you can offer in return for road safety, five of which include:

1. Monetary bonuses

2. Additional time off/annual leave

3. Flexible working options

4. Private health and dental care

5. Ongoing professional development and training

At all conceivable points, the health and wellbeing of your driving workforce should be one of your biggest concerns. To ensure that your fleet drivers remain safe while they’re out there on the open road, be sure to heed the advice laid out in the article above.

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