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So, you have a well-managed business website with all the features and content-rich pages but still not getting enough traffic. Well, there is a chance that you might not have embedded video marketing in your website yet. 

Although YouTube videos have already been used for business marketing, the latest popularity of social media videos has made it more crucial for a business to get the attention of potential users. 

Once your website has been launched, and you start getting attention from customers, the next step is to include videos to increase traffic. Videos are not only excellent for traffic and buzz but to increase your ranking with better user engagement on the website, reducing bounce rate. 

Still don’t get why? Let’s check out the reasons why your website needs video marketing.

Why Videos Work for Marketing

Videos Are the Latest Trend

With over 800 billion views every day, videos are the new way to kill time on the internet. Modern users have a short attention span, and videos enable them to consume content faster with enough entertainment. 

Brands easily engage viewers with a 30 second Instagram reel than a graphic image with loads of content or boring captions. So, the more you serve what the audience desires, the better your traffic gets.

Increased User Experience

If you are selling a product or service, you certainly want your customers to return every time they think of something relevant. 

Websites manage to provide all the insights, information, and solutions that a visitor is looking for, and with videos that emotionally connect with the visitors, you get loyal customers for the long run.

No matter how small or large your business is, posting animated explainer videos, product demos, and tutorials always do the job of making connections. 

Marketing Needs Video 

Whether you want to invest in video production or not, your marketing team won’t get ahead without optimizing videos online. Think of Coca-Cola without any video commercials and only the banners here and there. 

The fascinating video commercial is what made it an international cola brand. But, of course, the same goes for every brand that utilizes video marketing for better results.

Additionally, Google owns YouTube marketing gets easier when Google notices videos with outstanding content and the right keywords. 

Another reason why marketing is incomplete without videos is that when a visitor comes to your website and clicks on a video, the time spent on the website increases, which helps in page ranking. 

Better Conversion

For the eCommerce and retail industry, videos are becoming the key to attracting more and more customers. Whether you use influencers to promote your products or upload high-quality product demo videos, all of this results in high conversion rates. 

As per the Eyeview survey, a video on the landing page can boost conversion by 80%.

So, products and marketing videos are a great solution to reach a specific audience who might be interested in what you sell.

How to Use Video Marketing for Website Engagement

Now that you understand how videos work for your website, it’s time to focus on the video embedding strategies that go with your marketing. 

Here’s how you can use videos to get website traffic.

Video Landing Page 

Video Landing Page

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of platforms where you can upload videos and bring customers to the web page. 

However, consumers don’t want to spend time looking for a specific page where the product is listed. This is where landing page optimization comes to the rescue. 

A fully optimized landing page with engaging videos and social media links makes people explore what you represent. Hence, make sure the content of the videos matches the purpose of creating that landing page.

Social Media Video Ads

As per the wyzowl survey, 69% of customers said they would prefer to watch a short video and are likely to share those videos within their circles. 

This data clearly shows the power of short videos like a 15-second reel on Instagram or shorts on YouTube. Short videos attract customers who prefer faster content and entertainment. 

In addition, by including a CTA in your video, you can easily promote your website with a short video.

Upload Product Demo Videos for Ads

The more you talk about your product or service, the more people will visit your website with the excitement of getting something exceptional. 

So, investing in the product demo video is a great idea for effective video marketing. All your product demo videos can be posted on the relevant pages, social media, and YouTube.

Once you have created a quality product demonstration, all you need is the video optimization with the right keywords and Google ads to get the ROI everyone talks about.

YouTube & Google Ranking

As mentioned earlier in the article, Google loves video content, especially YouTube. As a result, YouTube is the second largest website with many potential customers. 

Therefore, picking the right audience gets easier when you post videos on YouTube and let people learn about your business. 

Post explainers and how-to with live stream sessions to connect with the audience, and you will start noticing increasing traffic on your website.

Here’s how you do it.

  • Call-To-Action

Your CTA (Call-to-Action) helps viewers explore your website while watching a video online. So, if you are looking for increased traffic on your website, the best way is to make your CTAs clear and impressive. 

Also, make sure the CTA runs within the first 60 seconds as most people don’t wait till the end. You can also create sliders positioned at the bottom of the video where viewers can click and reach your website directly.

  • Choose the Right Keywords

Talking about generating traffic through video marketing, adding the right keywords in the title is extremely important. 

Your tiles should always include keywords such as how to, tutorial, buy the best, and more so that when people search, your video shows up in the search result. 

Customer Reviews

Testimonials or reviews help positively introduce your brands to potential consumers as they tell a buyer’s story.

Testimonial – DingDongNow

You can get in touch with your clients to create a short testimonial video that you can edit with rich text and graphics to post on social media and even your website’s homepage. 

These videos make people visit your website and generate leads or conversion rates.

Email Marketing with Videos

If you already have an email list for marketing, all you need is to create educational videos or explainers, keeping your potential customer informed and updated. 

Create a small teaser of the videos in the mail and ask them to sign up for more. The first 10-15 seconds of your video should be exciting enough to bring them to your website and sign up for more.

Email Marketing with Videos

Wrapping Up

54% of people want to see more video content from marketers, and over 83% prefer YouTube for video content. Now you know why videos are a much-needed step to boost your website traffic and generate leads.

Of course, it is not going to happen within a day or a week, but with the right resources, creativity, and experience, you can create the best video marketing strategy for your website. There are a lot of trusted online tools, which you can use to get started with video creation and focus on promoting the videos.

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