Effective UI Design Tips for Android Phones and Tablets

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Mobile UX and UI play an important role for any device, hence you must follow best practices and work with some great developers. With proper understanding and mobile application or android tablet
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What is the Mobile User Experience?

As per the recent article by TechCrunch, most people nowadays are using mobile devices and also Google has announced its first indexing based on UX design for mobile applications. Most people depend on mobile devices for various day-to-day tasks such as banking, directions, computations, content consumptions, and much more.

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, mobile user experience (UX) design is the design that helps customers to have a positive experience while using mobile devices, applications, or wearables. It completely focuses on the discoverability and efficiency of the tools and technologies.

UX designers go through various challenges and opportunities while designing the mobile software layout or device. It opens up a new area for building a positive experience for the new users.

Several Best Practices for Mobile User Experience Design

Mobile User experience is quite tricky to build since there are so many things to be considered that includes, including the growing list of newly designed devices, the methods for people to interact with them, and much more.

Mobile UX Design tips by Google

Recently a few years back, google published a compilation of some best UX design strategies based on their research. All these tips were updates and were made available as the pdf that any UX designer can keep it with for building UX.

Human Interface Guidelines by Apple

Another best resource of UX designers is the Human Interface guidelines by apple. The people at Apple have beautifully designed and layout this exciting list of best practices and tips. It is one of the great resources for mobile UX designers. 

Some of the best Mobile UX design tips

Here are some of the best mobile UX design tips by some of the leading UX designers.

UX Research

You might be inclined towards prototype or mock-up but researching UX is quite essential and it cannot be underestimated. You should always remember that you are not a user, hence work on UX in such a way that any user could find the application or device easily. 

UI Feedback

Once you design your UI, ensure that you take the feedback from the people around you. Since a lack of feedback would always cause trouble for users and as per UX designers, feedback is always a UI element for the application.


It is one of the most overlooked aspects of UX research and design. As per the statistics around 15% of the world’s population has some sort of disability. Hence one should work on that area too while building mobile application UX.

What areas to work on to build a better UX Design?

User Interface plays a major role in the success of mobile applications. A mobile design should be made in such a way that it covers most of the following areas.

Retain Uniformity

Being a designer, you should always work on the layout of the application and ensure that it is consistent across several platforms. A consistent app would help you to bring uniformity across different devices which will make it quite easier for the users to interact with the application.

UI Design should be Easy to Use

If you want to enhance the user’s interest in the application, your design should offer some great services without requiring a lot of input. It would bring the usability of the application much higher and also the loyalty would increase. 

Mobile applications with a lot of components would be quite cluttered for users to use and hence the usability would decrease. 

Offer Quick Loading Speed

Speed plays an essential role in any mobile application since many of the users want applications to be responsive in low duration and with short loading time. A good application must load very quickly. 

Make use of all the Standard Elements

Your user’s confidence would increase once you begin to use the standard icons, buttons, symbols, and much more. It would not require your users to go through the extra guidelines and how to use the mobile device.  It will also make it quite easier for users to use your application and recommend it to others.

Make your Application more Attractive

If you want to build a most successful mobile application, just ensure that it is quite attractive and interactive. An interactive application is quite easy to navigate. You can make your application interactive by using the components like location, icons, and colors. You need to add some great colors that represent your brand. But you need to also ensure that you don’t add too many colors since it would reduce the visual appeal of the mobile application.

Put more Focus on the Intended Audience

As you know, the first impression is the last, hence ensuring that your application gives your users a fantastic expression. Your application should be designed in such a way that it puts lights on a specific set of audiences.

A user always expects a value to be added through the mobile application. If it is missing in your application then the user might not use it. Hence you should do deep research and understand the needs of your audience. 

Do Essential Wireframing

Wireframing would help developers to give a basic idea about the looks and features of the application. It is the best way to analyze the features of the application and make improvements accordingly. 

Forgiving Interphase

It is quite expected that the users could make mistakes while they use your application. Hence you should ensure that your application has forgiving interphase that would save users from all the errors. The most common forgiving interphase is the icon that allows you to undo. An icon state allows a user to return to the state, where it got started. 

Get Regular Feedback and Less Response Time

Feedback enables you and your client to interact with each other. You can interact with your customers and get the required feedback or the experience they got while using your applications. Feedback time is quite essential since it helps you to improve. 

Another most important component is the response time. Your application should be quite quick to respond. Also, you should work on some ideas that would help your client to enjoy the mobile application.

Use high-resolution Images

You should use images of high resolution in your application that all the expected devices support. All your images should not be blurred. It is recommended that you use the vector scale image.


Mobile User design and user experience are two main important aspects that define the success of your mobile applications. Your whole application is dependent on the UI and UX. Hence it becomes quite essential to do the proper research to make it attractive and quite engaging to the users.

The best way to help your customers is that understand the current requirements and preferences. You consult any mobile application development company that would help you recreate the user experience.

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