5 Most Useful and Free Eclipse Plugins Every Java Developer Needs

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Every Java developer is familiar with Eclipse IDE plugin and its invariant contribution in developing Java applications like websites, games and apps. Offering various functions like code editing, code reviewing, debugging and testing, Eclipse IDE expands its support with numerous extensible plugin software.

Eclipse plugins are characterised by its free and open nature. Though supportive for languages like Python, Ruby, C++ and more, Eclipse plugins are equally compatible for Java developers to write, analyse and test their codes and optimize the program workflow.

While there are hundreds and thousands of plugins available in the marketplace, in this article we mostly concentrate on five most exclusive Eclipse plugin that a Java developer must be accustomed with:

Initially Java developers used Findbugs to find bugs in Java codes in the version 1.0 to 1.8. SpotBugs is a successor of the same open source software application that uses static application to search for bugs in Java based codes.

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This software application efficiently checks and rectifies hundreds of bug patterns in a Java code, including null pointer dereferences, infinite recurring loops, deadlocks and bad usage of Java library functions.

There is no Java developer who isn’t aware of Apache IvyDE, the mini-project of ApacheAnt. ApacheIvyDE is an extremely useful plugin especially used for integration of ApacheIvy, a dependency manager, with Eclipse IDE.

ApacheIvyDE is a robust Java based software program that is extensively used for automating build processes. The salient features comprises of Java dependency management program, support for transitive dependencies and Ivy XML files editors.

Still the most commonly used plugin for testing Java codes. Successor of JUnit, TestNG was developed with the mission to provide a wider sphere of testing categories. TestNG is an open source testing framework that is powerful and equally well maintained with numerous features and testing tools.

TestNG is especially designed to work coherently when you plan to run suites, groups or individual methods directly from the Eclipse IDE.

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It is quite some time Artificial Intelligence has affected every domain and industry. Java language and programming is no different. Codota plugin is an AI automated service that aids developers to code in a more smarter and faster manner.

Codota is engraved with AI programs which collaborates millions of open source Java programs with the software code to search for similar context codes and delivers effective suggestions while you type. In this way, the developer doesn’t always need to type in the whole code as it pops up in front of them and they can just select it.

Moreover, Codota helps to reduce errors by suggesting similar and successfully compiled codes which helps the developer to write longer and effective codes in less time.

Integrating Eclipse IDE with Helix operations was laborious until P4Eclipse plugin came into the picture. P4Eclipse provides powerful support for integrating Eclipse with Perforce Helix Versioning Engine.

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Incorporated with numerous features like code reviewing, collaboration, debugging and more, P4Eclipse helps in the fundamental program workflow from within the Eclipse Team Framework.

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