How to Develop English Skills for PTE Mock Test Examination?


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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English Language test that is trusted by institutions around the world. It’s used for studying abroad and immigration purposes. 

The main purpose of the Test is to measure the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills of the candidate.

In starting, to prepare for the PTE Mock Test you first need to understand your current English proficiency for the goal you need to achieve. 

How to Develop Your Listening Skills?

1) Know Distinct Accents

Similar to the PTE exam, the English language is spoken globally. For that, you need to be ready with your preparation wherever you will move ahead. Familiarize with different accents and learn them by watching videos, tv, and looking out for different English speakers. 

2) Execute Active Listening 

To have great practice in your everyday life, prepare for active listening. It helps you to observe minor details in language. You can easily be a part of conversation be it lyrics, a friend’s story, or passing of signs.

3) Watch Your Best-loved show with Subtitles 

If you genuinely want to improve your reading speed, watching shows with subtitles help you best in words. It will easily help you to identify words as you listen to the audio carrying with words along.

4) Utilize Podcasts 

In the listening section of PTE, you need to get into the theme of the audio. You have to summarize the text, so a podcast is a great way to absorb information by listening. Grab out the main topic and leave the extra one. This will enhance your summarizing skill. 

How To Develop Your Speaking Skills?

Master the Tongue Twisters

It’s time to show off your new trick to your friends by practicing English tongue twisters. It will make you feel impressive and you get the feel of communicating in the English language.

PTE Mock Test Exams 

They are fantastic ways to prepare you for the real deal. It is a replica of the PTE. Also if you experience a mock exam it will allow you to test yourself without any unwanted outcome. You will get a real idea of questions in the PTE study online that will come in the exam.

Learn English Songs

Easily get comfortable with English phrases, grammar and vocabulary, by learning some English songs. Any genre will easily go with it. It’s the perfect way to get comfortable with the language.

Don’t Get Panic

When it comes to the PTE mock test, do not get overwhelmed. By practically speaking it, you will make mistakes. But don’t drive yourself over your mistakes and put your best foot forward. Don’t lose hope as it is a mock test and you still have time to make up for it.

How To Develop Your Reading Skills?

Get To Know Your Highlighter

You need to practice reading and take it to the next level with your highlighter. Challenge yourself to read a certain amount and highlight the main points. In this way, you are training your brain and eyes to sort out the central theme and main point.

Read Aloud

You may feel silly, but this is a fantastic way to increase your reading speed. Also, it will increase your familiarity. With a read-aloud, you pronounce every syllable and not skip a single letter. You will get to see progress by the end and feel like a genuine reader, not a person that has memorized a bunch of lines. 


Revision is key. Going over what you read is important to improve your speed in the long term. It helps your brain to take notes of words and store them. The more you familiarize quicker your brain will identify. 

How To Develop Your Writing Skill?

1) Focus on Main Points

When you are reading, try to identify the main points without getting sidelined by additional information. Focusing on the main point goes for reading in the prompt with your answer. Jot it down immediately and you have already started to summarize the process. 

2) Keep Vocabulary Simple 

This portion is concerned with your comprehension. Don’t get fancy with your vocabulary. The main focus is how you can effectively communicate the point in the text and how well you understood it. Keep it simple and focus on your concept rather than word choice.

3) Take Practice Tests 

A practice test can be a lifesaver. You will feel confident as you get to know what areas you need improvement in and where you are comfortable. The PTE Mock test gives you a chance to be used to timing and recording. It will help you schedule the real deal.

Final Words

The above-mentioned tips will help you in PTE Academic test structure with developed English skills. It makes your effort to understand and attend the exam very easy. Just keep your focus and implement it properly by practicing it with PTE study online and having comfortable learning. We suggest you plan accordingly as no one wants to reattempt. Try to blend yourself with the exam structure and be ready by developing these English skills.

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