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“Noise” by hearing this word our mind  start buzzing with unwanted noise. In this modern era noise pollution is at highest peak. By study, it has said that about 64% of hearing loss is due to noise. Every fourth person is suffering from hearing loss. In every walk of life, each person either old or young facing the problem of noise pollution. In a survey it is found that hearing limit of noise level is 70 decibels.Hearing experts suggest that noise level up to 85 decibels lead to hearing loss.

Inside the ear, small hair cells transmit electrical signals to the brain. These hair cells can be completely destroyed by extremely loud noises at home or in the workplace.Excessive noise from these activities also cause hearing damage.

Now biggest question is that how can you ruin from these loud can you protect yourself from hearing loss? No need to worry we are in the century of technology. Various technologies are developed for detecting noise level

In present everyone is using smartphones.Our technology give benefits of apps that measuring the intensity or decibel level of sounds.We have some great decibel meter apps which gives red flag signal whenever you are entering in highest noise level zones.It provide facility of detecting noise level and avoid location and activities which caused harm for health.

Following smartphone decibel meter apps are very useful for being healthy life and getting hearing aid.

Decibel X

Available on : itunes & google play

Compatible for: Android and IOS

It is very high rated,easily portable and free app. It has a standard measurement range from 30 to 130 dB.It enhance the features for checking the intensity of sound around you.It provide user interface

Sound Meter

Available on :google play

Compatible for: Android

The Sound Meter app can adjust itself for your specific device. It has great features for displaying sound intensity levels as well as green, yellow and red indicators for safety., you may not be able to measure sounds over 90 dB.

Too Noisy Pro

Available on :google play

Compatible for: Android and IOS

This is a fun app that children enjoy too much. It’s a real boon to any guardian who needs to control the levels of noise of a group of children. It is basically used by teachers in classroom for controlling class

NIOSH Sound Level Meter

Available on : Itunes

Compatible for: IOS

It  was developed by  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).It is mainly for the IOS. this tool is very helpful for those who are in the working environment. It provides awareness among employee about the noise level of their workplace. This tools give the idea of prevention from hearing loss and enhance safety steps

Noise hunter

Available on : google pay

Compatible for: IOS

Noise hunter is most high-level decibel meter level. The app changes each iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a high-quality measuring device featuring a lot of functions. Usually, you will find such capabilities only in high-priced devices.It has 4+ rating .

Let start

These are most widely used decibel detector meter app. Choose any one of these and start using to detect sound your surroundings.try to protect your ear from noise and be healthy.It has said that “health is wealth”.If you think, your hearing had been already affected, try visiting our hearing clinic to have your hearing tested.


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