A closer look at SEMA 2019 – Yokohama Wins Big time


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The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) declared its award-winning products at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. These awards were given to the most creative and cutting-edge automotive products that are to be used in the year of 2020. 

Yokohama tire won every one of the three new Product Awards in the Tire and Related Product at SEMA this year, which marks a great success for Yokohama. 

Andrew Briggs, the vice president of marketing and product management for Yokohama tire cherished the win and said, “Winning a prestigious SEMA New Product Award is a major achievement, but sweeping the category is unprecedented and a testament to the strides we’ve made in terms of our new products.”

The Geolandar X-AT was named the victor in the Best New Tire and Related Product class in acknowledgment of its greatness as an SUV/pickup truck tire, and it’s another classification for tires that upgrade the rough terrain driving experience. Notwithstanding its unmistakably tough appearance as a rough terrain tire fit for conveying a remarkable execution in the most testing conditions, the Geolandar X-AT additionally conveys an agreeable on-street ride and exceptional ecological performance.

The two Runner-up Awards also went to Yokohama tires in a similar category. The runner-up tires were the Geolandar X-CV for superior crossover SUVs, and the Advan APEX V601, an ultra-elite summer tire.

The Geolandar X-CV is known for its economical, comfortable, and safe ride. It also has the M+S marking, which implies its capability to be functional in muddy and snowy conditions.  Also, all sizes in the tire’s lineup have gotten the “W” speed rating that shows reasonableness for driving at speeds up to 270km/h. 

The Advan APEX V601 was explicitly developed for the North American market and highlighted the most advanced technology in terms of its overall key features, especially its asymmetric tread pattern.

Ain-Ul-Haq, Marketing expert at PitStopArabia said, “This was a great win for Yokohama tire, and we definitely will see an increased customer trust on Yokohama tire and also an exponential spike in the sales of victor and also both runner-up tires.”

All and all, Yokohama tire summed up a great win at SEMA 2019.

About SEMA 2019

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is an award-winning competition for best auto products. SEMA is held yearly in order to recognize extraordinary accomplishments regarding new and technologically advanced products being introduced to automobiles. Products are divided into 16 classes, and every classification has one winner and two other runner-up’s. 

In SEMA 2019, product awards about 3,000 products from various manufacturers took part in the competition. Victors were chosen dependent on an assortment of key characteristics that included:

  • Consumer appeal 
  • Innovation
  • Marketability
  • Quality
  • Technical achievement
  • Workmanship

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