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Aren’t summers the best time to go on a vacation? Imagine. Beaching the bright screeching sun and getting beautifully tanned. Woah, isn’t that the best feeling? Whether you are going on a small vacation or a long relaxing trip. There are some things that you really need in all your long and short term trips.


We all can point out some basics things that are a must when we are leaving home. Beach, forest or any resort, we do need some basic things. For instance, always take a water bottle with you so you never go dehydrated. A light upper or jacket, some comfortable shoes so you never hurt your feet, sunglasses because well, summers and sun. huh?


Well, the most easy and convenient way to pack your stuff is to organize them in cubes. Experts say that it is one of the best ways to make more storage compartments as compared to packing in any other way. It helps you give the maximum space and they also make packing in hurry amazingly easy. It is organized and helps you find your stuff very easily. It gives you extra space to put in some extra stuff and do a little over packing, haha.


Well, some basic stuff to bring whenever you are travelling would be, the ones which are on the top of my head would be garments, swimwear, contacts, adaptors, your necessary devices, snacks, neck pillows and a few more things. Let’s read what the experts have to say about this.

  1. “Packing cubes not only save space, but they help immensely with organization.”

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are husband and wife and are the legends behind the award winning blog “Uncornered Market” More than 10 years and 90 different countries, this couple continues to travel making an amazing record and living their lives to the fullest!

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The summer-travel essentials Daniel and Audrey always pack in their carry-on: “Many essentials for outdoor and hiking trips overlap with urban and easy-going trips, such as a refillable water bottle (to avoid using single-use plastic bottles), comfortable shoes, quick-dry underwear and a light water-resistant windbreaker that you can easily throw on when it gets cool in the evening or when the weather changes. “Since sleep is essential, a decent eye mask and earplugs (silicone earplugs are good) are crucial to keeping out summer light and noise. Finally, a smartphone battery case (for example, an iPhone X battery case) is also important to protect your device from drops and to extend its battery life—particularly if you are demanding and use your phone a lot for photography, as we do.”

The way Daniel and Audrey save whilst packing is astonishing.  “We have been using packing cubes for over 10 years. They not only save space, but they help immensely with organization. We use different colors and differently sized cubes for different purposes (socks and underwear in one, tops and bottoms in another, equipment in another), so that there aren’t a lot of random little bits and pieces knocking around in our bags.

“Compartmentalization also makes packing in a hurry much easier, as everything has its proper place. Finally, this approach will force you to pack more snugly or make some decisions as to what is essential and what can be left behind.”

2.    “One of the best ways to save space is by rolling up your socks and underwear and stuffing them into your shoes.”

Stephen Schreck, is the mastermind behind ‘The Backpackers Tale’. The summer-travel essentials Stephen can’t live without: “I put in my summer carry-on two to three long-sleeved T-shirts and shorts. I always make sure to pack at least one light sweater, a light waterproof jacket and at least one pair of pants, along with a pair of comfortable sandals and a pair of shoes suitable for walking and hiking.

“A hat and insect repellent are key items for keeping the sun and pesky creatures off you in the summer. Don’t forget a water bottle that has a built-in filter. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also lets you get water anywhere, and it saves a lot of money since you won’t need to buy bottled water.”

Stephen’s packing tips: “Packing is a weekly event in my life, so I am always trying to squeeze an extra ounce of space. One of the best ways to save space is by rolling up your socks and underwear and stuffing them into your shoes. Another useful tip is to make a stack of a few shirts or other items of clothing. Next, roll them up tightly, and use them to outline your suitcase.

“This saves a lot of room but also provides extra padding for your valuable luggage. Lastly, packing cubes that basically shrink-wrap your clothes. I just started using packing cubes this year, and I’ve been amazed at how much room it saves.”

3.    “Just when you think you’ve packed everything you need, go back and reduce it some more.”

Matthew Karsten is a profession blogger and also a photographer. He has been living out of a backpack and discovering the world since eight years. He shares his readers’ practical travelling tips and entertaining stories.  Matthew’s summer travel essentials: “The one item that comes on every single trip with me is my Sony a7 Camera. Some people collect souvenirs when they travel; I prefer to collect beautiful images. Other than that, I guess my Kindle Paperwhite, a good pair of earplugs for noisy planes or hotel rooms and a LifeStraw filtered water bottle to help save money on bottled water (and reduce plastic waste). I always pack a light sweatshirt, spare underwear, shirt and socks—just in case my checked bag doesn’t make it to the destination on that first day, which is very rare.”


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