7 secrets for successful visa application to Australia


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With several applications received by the Australian Immigration department each year, only a few get approved and the rest are rejected on account of fraud, incomplete information and many other factors.

If you are looking for an Australian visa, here are the 5 secrets from immigration agents in Brisbane to help you get through your visa application process:

  1. Evidence is utmost important

A lot of substantial evidence is required by the business, work and family visa. It is important to demonstrate evidence against each information you mention in your visa application. The immigration agents in Brisbane say, not just your words, each information is verified independently. In the case of self-employment, third-party documentation is very crucial. In order to prove your work history for a specific tenure, it is equally important to produce the substantial proofs in the form of payslips and bank details for the aforesaid period.

  1. Higher the accuracy, greater the chances

A very small or innocent mistake may cost you the rejection of your application. It is important to double check all the details that you are furnishing while applying for the Australian visa. It is important to be accurate and detailed – as much as possible to ensure a smooth application process. Immigration agents in Brisbane insist on searching the Facebook pages and email history to ensure that various details and details mentioned are accurate.

  1. Honesty is the best policy
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Faking with any aspect of the application may lead to serious consequences if caught. You may be banned from lodging the further applications as well. Hence, it is important, to be honest, while applying for an Australian visa. Immigration Agents in Brisbane suggests, if the officer finds something that you are trying to hide, he will straight away reject your application and the same will reflect adversely on our further applications. Form 80 related to the character and identity of the applicant is particularly very important.

  1. Being organized is the key

Placing your documents coherently will help you to secure the visa as it facilitates the process faster as well as easier for the assessor and applicant. All the documents supporting the highlighted relevant sections in the application are advised to be in the chronological order. Make your application simple and straight that the officer can easily understand and digest. Accumulating all types of files and forms may turn chaotic if not sorted in advance.  It is advised to keep a record of what all forms an documents you are submitting and when.

  1. Avoid inconsistent public records
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As the department refers to the public records of the individuals applying for Australian visa as well as their social media profiles, it is important to have consistency with these profiles. The information posted by you on these platforms must match with the information furnished in the visa application. Any discrepancy may lead to rejection of your application.

  1. Deadlines and timings are important

The submission and timings rules must be abiding by as prescribed by the Australian Immigration department to avoid any potential rejection due to delays. For example:- you need to clear an English test and submit the result in the first part of the application. You cleared the test with an excellent score but submitting it in the later part of the application will lead to the rejection of your visa application.

If you miss any deadline even with the slightest margin, it will make your visa application void.

  1. Make the right use of the visa applied

There are many instances where the people defeat the use of the visa which they have actually applied for. Unless you are eligible for a bridging visa, it is important to use the right visa once you enter the country.

You cannot intend to stay permanently on a tourist visa or working full-time on a student visa. If you are caught using your visa other than what it is qualified for, it may get cancelled and leading to adverse implication for your future visa applications.

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